Why go to a business school on a work-study course?

Strong growth in work-linked training in France

At all levels of study whether just after the Baccalauréat degree or after two - three - four years of higher education: work-linked training is very attractive to French and international students. Business is one of the fields that recruits the most students under apprenticeship contracts - just ahead of the consulting - IT - finance sectors. In addition the government is putting in place a number of measures to encourage companies to recruit work-study students - including financial incentives.

The advantages of work-linked training in business school

Work-linked training has everything going for it! It is a popular solution for companies and is also very advantageous for students:

  • facilitates the financing of studies
  • gives access to a salary
  • boosts hard and soft skills
  • promotes employability

Many work-linked students find their first job even before the end of their studies.

Solutions for finding your work-linked training

There are an increasing number of work-linked training offers from companies. At the same time business schools that are leaders in work-study programmes rely on their network of partner companies to distribute exclusive offers to their students - organise recruitment days - workshops - coaching sessions - etc.

This tailor-made support makes it easier for students to find their work-study programme and - above all - to obtain assignments in line with their ambitions.