How to find a company for your work placement?

Join a leading business school for work-linked training which will help you in all the crucial stages of your professionalisation: finding a company - administrative procedures - follow-up during your contract...

Have you found the training course of your dreams for your work-study training? This is the first step in your search for a work-study programme. You now need to find a host company that will enable you through the assignments you will be given to acquire the know-how and interpersonal skills that are essential for quickly finding your first managerial position.

At EM Normandie a number of mechanisms and resources are available to help you find your company. Support from dedicated teams - recruitment events - advertisements posted on the WARD application - etc. There are many opportunities to find the company that suits you in line with your aspirations and your career plan.

Tailor-made support throughout your course

The Career Path (Parcours Carrière) is the catalyst for your success: this unique support system helps you draw up the personal and professional project that suits you by matching values - passions - skills - future careers. With a dedicated internal team - certified expert coaches and recruitment professionals it offers you coaching sessions for the creation of your CV and cover letter - the updating of your LinkedIn profile and the preparation of your job interviews. You can also participate in workshops - take personality tests - meet professionals and graduates of the School...

The Internship and Work-Study Programmes Department will help you find work experience (internships - work-study - student jobs...) throughout your course. Your advisor will follow you at each stage of your work experience. He or she will help you to obtain your work-study contract to integrate well into the professional world and to achieve your objectives. This person also acts as a link with your host company in particular to help you negotiate your contract and draw up your work-study agreement (work-study contract or apprenticeship contract).

Resources available to help you in your search

Work-study offers from the School's network

A dedicated JobTeaser job board centralises thousands of internship - job and work-study offers including many offers available exclusively to EM Normandie students. These advertisements are transmitted by the School's network of partner companies and by the EM Normandie Alumni network.

The resources available

On the WARD application reserved for the School's students. You can consult various forms of documentation detailing all aspects of work-study training: a list of companies that are recruiting - websites specialising in job searches and the history of work-linked training courses and contracts held by graduates.

Recruitment events throughout the year

Succeed in your professional integration - develop your network and multiply your opportunities with the recruitment events organised by the School throughout the year. Each year more than 150 companies participate in these events which are promoted on your job board:

Career workshops: talk to graduates about their jobs and sectors of activity

These workshops bring together students and graduates of the School and professionals who come to exchange and share their experience on the reality of their job career and company. They occupy positions as varied as auditing - communication - marketing - human resources - logistics... These friendly events are organised on the School's national campuses.

Work-study JobDating : special recruitment for work-study programmes

These events dedicated to work-study programmes encourage meetings between companies and candidates. First : companies send their offers exclusively to the School's work-study department which organises a recruitment session with recruiters and students matching the profiles. And it works! Many students find their work-study positions thanks to this annual event.

Job Meetup: the recruitment speed dating to find your first job

The Job Meet Up is the place to be if you want to find an internship - work experience or a job. Apply to the partner companies that interest you and enhance your profile during 15-minute interviews.

Short Internship Forum: to find your internships in companies

Accessible from the 1st year of training this event brings together companies and students looking for a 1-to-4-month internship. The special feature of this professional speed dating is the unlimited duration of the interviews. For an event that lasts 3 hours in total.

An integrated CFA to facilitate your search

With an integrated CFA - a rare model in the Business School landscape - the School also assists you in formalising your work-study contract by negotiating tuition fees and providing complete administrative management of your contract with the companies...

Thanks to this organisation the School is free from the quota of places previously imposed on companies by the regions. However to guarantee optimum teaching quality the number of places available on each campus may be limited. These places are allocated to students in the order in which they obtain their work-linked training and according to the places available.