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Here you can find exclusive content and productions from EM Normandie.

Alumni magazine - Justine Hénin

EM Normandie Alumni Association Magazine

Founded in 1875, the EM Normandie Alumni Association brings together nearly 26000 EM Normandie students and graduates from over 100 countries.

It brings together its community, the second oldest in France, through events, meetings and communication tools such as the Alumni magazine published twice a year.

This magazine highlights the school's development, the career paths of its graduates and students and gives influential figures and experts the opportunity to speak on specific topics.

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Les belles histoires - Témoignages de diplômés

Les Belles Histoires: discover the careers of our students and graduates

In this series of podcasts, our graduates look back on their experience at EM Normandie Business School, in particular their expatriations and their involvement in student associations. They also talk about their beginnings in the business world and the career opportunities that led them to where they are today.

These stories told by our graduates emphasise personal fulfilment and the richness and the diversity of their profiles: business, marketing, entrepreneurship, event management, logistics, atypical career paths, etc.

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Les Belles découvertes - Podcasts des chercheurs

Les Belles Découvertes: our lecturers-researchers share the fruits of their research

Because we are convinced that the knowledge of our lecturers-researchers should be accessible to everyone, we have created this series of podcasts ‘Les Belles Découvertes’, content that popularises and promotes research produced at EM Normandie Business School.

The idea behind this programme is simple: to share useful knowledge with our community, to provide food for thought and move debates forward. You can also read articles by our lecturers-researchers on our research blog.

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Podcast fiction Origin

Origin: the fiction podcast that takes us into the future

In this audio fiction, we imagine the world of 2079 through the eyes of Youssra, a student at EM Normandie Business School. The idea is to offer a vision of the world that is neither utopian nor dystopian.

Instead, Origin proposes a realistic future, with the colonisation of the planet Mars at the heart of the debate. The battle between pro-Earth and pro-Mars is the main theme of the podcast.

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All the news from EM Normandie Business School

Find out all the latest news about EM Normandie, student life, the latest rankings and accreditations, as well as academic and professional collaborations.

You can also find out about events organised by or in partnership with the school: open days, webinars, professional and research seminars.

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Research publications

Our lecturers-researchers' publications are freely available for consultation on our website: academic articles, doctoral theses, academic conferences, research books, case studies, articles in professional journals, etc. 

They can be searched by year of publication, type, professor's name and title. 

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