Should I choose a work-linked or initial training Master's degree?

The same core curriculum

There are many advantages in both options. Whether you are on a traditional or work-study course you benefit from the same core curriculum during the programme's first years (only for French students because international students join directly Year 4 of the programme) - with numerous group work - projects - assignments - challengesinternships that allow you to put your knowledge into practice. Not to mention the Associative Projects and expatriations which increase your open-mindedness and develop your leadership skills.

Professional experience in the classical route

If you choose the classical route for your Master's degree you will also have classes dedicated to the specialisations chosen - complemented by various professional experiences carried out at the School with professor-researchers and professional contributors: challenges - missions - simulations - case studies - field visits - internships - etc. 

Work-study for total immersion

By opting for the work-study course you benefit from complete immersion in a company for 3 weeks per month - not to mention the advantages linked to the financing of your tuition fees and the remuneration received during this period.