Les Projets Citoyens

Student associations and activities

The Community Projects

Want to join an association outside the school? Opt for a Community Project and work for a cause that is close to your heart.

With over 50 Community Projects on offer, join an external association on a part-time basis in the fields of sport, humanitarian aid or sustainable development

Support an association

The Community Projects were launched in 2021 to allow students to join an external structure on their own or in pairs and contribute to its development through promotion, communication or commercial prospecting.

As part of a tutored project, develop your autonomy while relying on the experience of your tutor who will accompany you in your missions.

Joining a structured association is also an opportunity to explore how it works and to professionalise yourself.

Get involved in society

One day a week, give your time and energy to an association whose cause is close to your heart. Bring your outside perspective, propose your ideas and develop new skills at the same time.

By giving your support, contribute to the development of the association and strengthen the teams in place to enable them to go even further in their actions.

Within the framework of the Community Projects, learn to:

  • Set up a communication strategy
  • Create marketing materials
  • Do commercial prospecting
  • Organise an event and manage its logistics
  • Carry out awareness-raising activities

Associations partenaires

Choose a cause that touches you

Fight against food insecurity

For two semesters, Juliette worked on the development of the Hop Hop Food association, which fights against food insecurity and waste, by canvassing businesses for food donations.

Projet Citoyen Hop Hop Food

The Hop Hop Food project has both a social and environmental aspect. We help people in need and we also contribute to reducing food waste. From the start, I was sensitive to this problem and I wanted to participate in this project.
My mission is to develop as much as possible the network of solidarity shops in the Caen area, and even on the French territory, with the help of other volunteers that we have recruited. I intend to contribute as much as possible to the development of this network.

Master in Management student
HopHopFood Community Project

Raise children's awareness of sustainable development issues

Chloé and Gwladys chose to join UNICEF, an association that defends children's rights. They organised a half-day awareness-raising session on water consumption in a primary school class.

Projet UNICEF consommation de l'eau

Joining the UNICEF team is an opportunity to help and support children in need in my own way.
I've been lucky enough to never lack for anything, it's time for me to contribute in my own way to help other children, this is my chance to get involved. 

Chloé et Gwladys
Master in Management students
UNICEF Community Project