service équilibre et inclusion


Psycho-social support

Your well-being and personal development remain a top priority for EM Normandie Business School.

Since your personal wellbeing is crucial to your success, EM Normandie offers a comprehensive social service that is free of charge and confidential, to support you during difficult periods throughout your studies. EM Normandie has everything in place to help you deal with life’s uncertainties, including dedicated members of staff, a social worker, a team of psychologists and financial assistance.

Do you require support?

Whatever your concerns are, EM Normandie’s dedicated team can assist you with any personal or course-related issues, such as exam stress, budgeting and low mood.

There is a full-time specialist contact on the Caen, Le Havre and Paris campus. Our staff in Oxford and Dublin can meet with you remotely. Depending on your problem, with your permission, the specialist will refer you to your campus’ dedicated social worker or psychologist, who will be able to help you.


Personal Balance and Inclusion