Why do a work-study programme at EM Normandie?

Join a leading Grande École in work-study programmes

Partnerships with the professional world

EM Normandie is a leading school for work-study programmes thanks to its long-standing investment in this field and the many partnerships it has forged with companies of all sizes in various sectors.

Constantly rising figures

Work-linked training is very attractive! Each year the number of students enrolled in a work-study programme increases significantly. And the geographical location of our campuses in dynamic cities opens up many professional opportunities. The diversity of the economic fabric of these cities means that you are sure to find the work-linked training programme that suits you!

An integrated CFA to make your job search easier

Thanks to its CFA the School is free from the quota of places (for companies) previously imposed by the regions. However to guarantee optimum teaching quality: the number of places available on each campus may be limited. These places are allocated to students in the order in which they obtain their work-linked training and according to the places available.

In addition the Internships and Work-study Programmes Department will help you with all the procedures. Whether to prepare your work-study programme or to monitor the progress of your contract. 

Facilities to help you find your work-study programme 

Every year EM Normandie and the Alumni Association make available thousands of offers shared by the network: many of which are exclusive to EM Normandie students.

Recruitment events are also regularly organised on campus to allow students and companies to meet.