Is it possible to do a Bachelor's degree as a work-study course?

A year of work-study training possible

You can do your third year of the Bachelor's programme as a work-study course or as a traditional course.

By opting for the multi-specialised work-study course you can access a wide range of functions and sectors of activity: finance - marketing - commerce - logistics - communication - agri-food - textiles - banking/insurance - multimedia in various companies: SMEs - start-ups - multinationals...

A vector for professionalisation

Thanks to the work-study course:

  • Immediately apply your theoretical knowledge.
  • Acquire the know-how and interpersonal skills that are essential in a company.
  • Become a fully-fledged employee by receiving a salary.
  • Benefit from a full exemption from tuition fees.
  • Gain valuable professional experience.
  • Get a job before the end of your studies.