Why complete your studies with a work-study experience?

Developing know-how

Completing your course of study by opting for a sandwich course allows you to specialise in your preferred field while developing the technical skills that are essential for your future profession. By being employed by a company you also adopt a professional attitude and learn to work in a team and also adapt to the company culture.

Confirming your professional project

The work placements you do during your course allow you to "test yourself" in different professions and/or sectors of activity. Finally the work-study programme at the end of the course helps you to confirm with certainty the specialisation in which you wish to develop. This one or two years of professional experience gives you a more precise idea of your future career. You can then move into management in the broadest sense: the marketing and communication sector - resource management - accounting and management - finance...

Boost your employability

By adding an extra line to your CV you maximise your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Whether in your host company or in another structure depending on the professional opportunities available to you. Work-linked training offers many opportunities!