MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle

Luxury management course

The objective of this Luxury management programme is to train managers in Marketing, Communication and Digital Marketing, in all fields in the Luxury and Lifestyle Sectors (fashion and accessories, perfume and cosmetics industry, Luxury hospitality and haute cuisine, wines and spirits, jewellery and watches, and decorative ware tableware). The programme is both academic and vocational and is designed to meet the requirements and needs of Luxury recruiters in search of candidates with marketing skills, as well as managers who perfectly embody the standards and characteristics of the Luxury market.

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Recognised 5-year degree by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Strong points

  • A 360° Marketing vision with a strong focus on digital issues within the Luxury Sector
  • An understanding of the culture of the Luxury Sector and its professions to enable students to embody the values of the industry
  • Continuous immersion in the business environment: lectures given by professionals with international experience in the Luxury Sector, consultancy projects with Luxury sector clients, internships, a professional thesis
  • An introduction to International Trade with a focus on all Luxury world capitals: the programme is delivered in English and offers Chinese language courses (optional), etc
  • EM Normandie Business School is authorised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to deliver a 5-year degree for this programme (Diplôme d’Etudes Spécialisées en Management International)
luxury management course

The programme is structured around 4 main training areas

  • Luxury culture and familiarity with the sources of inspiration for the Luxury sector
  • Marketing and understanding the expectations of Luxury customers
  • Digital Marketing with a large focus on social media comprehension
  • Management in the Luxury sector and learning the characteristics of the Luxury Market
  • Brand management in Luxury
  • Ethics and sustainability in Luxury
  • Comparative strategies in Luxury
  • Supply chain management and sourcing
  • Corporate communication and event
  • Social media, e-reputation and influence in Luxury
  • Digital marketing strategy and project
  • Web development in Luxury
  • Monitoring KPI of digital marketing strategies
  • Finance and budget in Luxury
  • Business models and performance
  • Cases in ethical and sustainable development
  • Change management and organisational transformation
  • Critical Issues in management
  • Digital disruption and Industry 4.0 (I4.0)
  • Digitalisation and corporate finance
  • Leading in multicultural environments
  • Experiential Luxury
  • Digital native monobrand experimentation
  • New consumers in Luxury
  • Human resources policy in an international environment
  • International legal environment of Luxury brands
  • French touch and Savoir-faire*
  • Fashion history

*For this course, a minority of masterclasses may be provided in French where our professional speakers offer this.

  • Building a collection in Luxury
  • Distribution and merchandising in Luxury
  • Several Leaving Heritage Houses to audit during one semester with Institut National des Métiers d’Arts sponsorship
  • Career Path
  • Chinese language (optional)
  • French as a Foreign Language (optional)
  • Research methodology
  • Thesis
  • Internship

Professional experience during the luxury management course

  • Consulting project to create a strategy for the diversification of a Luxury brand.
  • Consulting project to create a digital strategy for a Luxury brand.
  • Consulting project co-constructed with Institut National des Métiers d’Arts and Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant
  • 1 week-long business challenge to “create a digital native monobrand in the Luxury sector from scratch“.
  • Internship: 6 months starting in May.
  • Professional thesis.
Elodie de Boissieu

Elodie de Boissieu

Academic Director

Located in the Paris region, this programme is given by EM Normandie
Business School. Normandy is for sure emblematic of the Luxury industry
(Christian Dior’s birthplace, Chanel’s roots, Hermès manufactures, etc.) and EM Normandie possesses a cutting-edge expertise in the fields of marketing and digital technologies. Moreover, the programme has an
exclusive partnership with the Institut National des Métiers d’Art.

Career opportunities

General information regarding the employment market:
Valued at more than 350 billion euros (source: Bain & Co) in 2022 with a double digit-growth (+22%), the Personal Luxury Goods Sector is currently proving resilient in the face of global crisis, driven in particular by the catch-up post-covid effect of Chinese expenditures, Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers as well as online sales. Set to account half of the sales of Luxury products and services between now and 2025, Chinese consumers have a digital behaviour that is much more advanced than that of traditional Luxury customers (77% of Chinese people purchase their Luxury products from their mobile phones, according to consultancy company Bain & Co.).
Henceforth, players within the Luxury Sector who are looking to earn or retain their position within this strategic market will be compelled to consider the digital ecosystem. This will involve identifying atypical skills and profiles, marked by both an affinity towards Luxury culture and advanced digital expertise. By 2025, the Luxury sector is expected to grow annually by 7%.


Candidates must hold a four-year degree in Higher Education (4-year Bachelor Degree, BBA, Master 1, or equivalent). Other profiles may be accepted in derogation from these criteria.

Language requirements for non-English-native speakers: IELTS 6, TOEIC 790, TOEFL IBT 83 or proof that English was the candidate’s language of study or work for at least a year.


Admission sessions throughout the year depending on available places

Required documents

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of passport
  • Diploma or student certificate for the current year
  • High school transcripts or transcripts for the two years following the Baccalaureate
  • Language level certificate according to profile

Application fees: €50

This programme is also available over two years for candidates who hold a three-year in Higher Education level (3-year Bachelor Degree, BMI, licence, or equivalent).

  • First-year tuition fees: €10,000
  • Second-year tuition fees – MSc® Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle: €14,500

Tuition fees include the membership fee for EM Normandie Alumni Association, which gives you access to all services and a life membership.

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Rhea Shivan

Admission officer

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