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Aravind Manokaran Etudiant Indien EM Normandie Paris
Aravind Manokaran

Indian student on the MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle

What factors contributed to your amazing experience at EM Normandie Business School?

My experience at EM Normandie Business School was amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was made possible by various factors such as the vibrant EM Normandie atmosphere, the accessibility of resources, the friendly and approachable Professors, and the well-structured course.

The course structure, in particular, was a highlight for me, offering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

How did Elodie De Boissieu, Academic Director of Master of Science (MSc) Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle, influence your educational journey at EM Normandie in class?

When I decided to return to France, I was sceptical about choosing EM Normandie and the MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle course, but my journey here was outstanding and memorable.

Mainly, I would like to thank our program director, Elodie De BOISSIEU, for her excellent expertise in Luxury, Organised store visits, extended support and professionalism.

She also influenced my journey at EM Normandie because she academically supported me with my ups and downs. To give a few examples, she helped me unlock my full potential in luxury with activities and competitions that enhance learning and the store visits she organised were a huge knowledge bonus.

What made EM Normandie's environment supportive for your studies and business interests?

One of the most remarkable aspects of EM Normandie is the supportive environment. Every professor is responsive and ready to assist with any query. The materials provided by the professors were comprehensive, and the courses were enjoyable.

Beyond marketing, this course included subjects like Supply chain, International law and Finance, which added depth and breadth to my learning experience. I particularly enjoyed the International law course, which was a personal favourite. Another aspect is the incubator cell that supported my business interests and allowed me to focus on my dream.

How has EM Normandie's reputation and its history influenced your decision to study there, particularly in Luxury Marketing?

I have observed that this school has a rich history because of its origin, as many other luxury brands originated. It makes a point for our course about Luxury Marketing and a reason to study here; most of the people in France could recognise EM Normandie, and it's a huge plus. With the knowledge I acquired from EM, I am confident enough to start my own luxury business in India.

How do you feel about completing your course at EM Normandie and your future plans?

Overall, I was super happy to EM Normandie, and I am proud to have finished this course with valuable insights.

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