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estelle demouzon
Estelle Demouzon

Head of Project Senior Visual Merchandising at Cartier

EM Normandie: laughter and trips

I joined EM Normandie in Year U 3, after completing a a 2-year diploma in Commercial Unit Management (MUC). I will always remember my first orientation week-end. It was up to the level of the three years that were to follow!

I will always remember my first orientation week-end.


A passion for merchandising

During a first work placement in a ready-to-wear menswear boutique, I got to like very much what concerned window displays and product promotion. Making window displays attractive is truly strategic! During my 12-month optional year, I was an intern in the Merchandising Department at Estée Lauder, a cosmetics retail chain. This experience really confirmed my attraction for this area. Again, in the same sector, I served my final M2 Year internship with Cartier, where I was eventually hired.

Today, I develop the scenery for outside windows for all 300 Cartier boutiques in the world. As a Product manager, I am in contact with designers, architects, creative agencies and artists. They help me finalise concepts and I monitor them to check they meet our demands. Visual merchandising is very different from one sector to the next. The more luxury a product is, the more important its staging and showcasing are. In our view, this is definitely a strategic tool. 

The Réseau, a major resource

The Réseau helps to find an internship, employment and to develop yourself.

For my Off-Campus Optional year internship, I looked into the Alumni Directory and ask for advice from Carine Guibbani, the former network executive officer. She taught me how to approach alumni. I followed her advice and it paid off! Don’t forget that the people in your cohort may be your colleagues at work one day.

Estelle's advice:

"Keep your network alive!"


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