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julien moreau
Julien Moreau

President of the collective of eco-adventurers

EM Normandie, the place to fulfil yourselves

As I see it, EM Normandie is above all a School of a human dimension in size, and with a family atmosphere which offers wonderful opportunities. Thanks to the School I was able to engage in several student societies. I took part in the building of a primary school in India with the Soleil Indien student society, and I was an officer on the Deauville Campus Student Bureau. I had joined EM Normandie after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree as I wished to take the Master’s in International Events. I keep wonderful memories of the School, and incidentally, I got married to one of my classmates during our final year seminar in Las Vegas! 

Dare to be yourselves!

An ambition: to uphold what

I believe in Deep down inside, I had always wanted to follow my own path and contribute to the emergence of a more harmonious society. As a result, after graduation, I was able to live the somewhat wild dream to become an adventurer to defend my convictions. I served a 6-month internship with the La Rochelle Film Festival, where I built my own network. As I met with people, my first ecoadventure took off: the BZH Tour. Sponsored by Nicolas Hulot, I walked across Brittany during 68 days and met 2,000 young people, from primary school pupils to business school students. I led sessions to imagine new environmental laws that would later on be submitted to MPs. The point was to give power back to ordinary citizens. Once I had achieved this challenge, I decided to astonish people by being the first to swim from Jersey Island to Saint-Malo. This meant swimming over 43.5 miles, in fact twice the Dover Straights! This second eco-adventure, Swim4ocean as it was called, was sponsored by Paul Watson and got much write-up in the press and on TV. Today, I still give presentations in schools and companies, but I have further projects in mind. This year I would like to tour Brittany again but on a paddleboard this time! I wish to continue raising awareness among young people, urging them to defend their ecological convictions, and to go and meet prominent politicians. I was invited by Parliament on 31 January where I had an exchange with 11 MPs and former Minister Marylise Lebranchu. The goal is to get a decree passed to replace plastic bottles in schools wherever tap water is drinkable. Today 22 out of the 27 MPs for Brittany support this idea of mine. My dream? To initiate a bill to render eco-schools compulsory. 

I walked across Brittany during 68 days and met 2,000 young people.

The Réseau is a catalyst for opportunities

You should keep in mind that the Réseau opens up a wide range of opportunities. Sometimes you only need to meet one single individual to give a boost to your career! Life is but made of encounters and when you use the Réseau, you give yourself a chance to go much further. 

Julien's advice :

"Ignore people who stare at you and dare to be yourselves even if you must shatter codes!"


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