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The Entrepreneurial Journey of Guillaume and Jacques
Guillaume and Jacques

From Gallia to Chicory: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Guillaume and Jacques, two former students of EM Normandie Buiness School


Guillaume and Jacques, two former EM Normandie Business School students, having discovered their passion for entrepreneurship, first launched the Gallia brewery in 2010, which they subsequently sold to Heineken in 2019.

After this adventure, they explored the coffee sector before rediscovering chicory, a plant with health and ecological benefits. They now plan to promote chicory as an alternative to coffee. Their journey illustrates the importance of sharing ideas in order to develop them more effectively, a piece of advice they offer to future entrepreneurs. Their training programme at EM Normandie Business School has provided them with a business mindset and a range of skills that will help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Guillaume : « It's extremely tasty and extremely delicious. Chicory is a very healthy and environmentally friendly plant. Our aim is to reintroduce chicory to the general public. »

Jacques :

« Guillaume and I met at EM Normandie BS and, after a few years, we realised that we were cut out for entrepreneurship.

We launched the Gallia brewery in 2010, a superb entrepreneurial and human adventure, which will be sold to the Heineken group in 2019. »

Guillaume : « Then, interested in the coffee world, we rediscovered chicory and thought of creating ‘chicory moments’ alongside our ‘coffee moments’. Everyone knows chicory, but few people have eaten it recently. »

Jacques : « A word of advice for entrepreneurs: share your idea widely, as this allows you to build it up differently and receive valuable feedback. Our studies have taught us to be versatile, an essential skill for an entrepreneur. »

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