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Anay Buty
Anay Buty

Indian student on the Bachelor's in International Management

Why did you choose to study in France?

I chose France because it's a country renowned for having the best management schools.

It is also a country that stands out for learning by doing.

And it's a beautiful country too!

What programme of study have you chosen?

I'm here to do my Bachelor's degree in International Management.

It's a very comprehensive programme that offers a wide range of subjects such as accounting and economics. You can also do marketing at a more advanced stage of the course.

After your studies, what job would you like to have?

After my studies at EM Normandie, I'd like to go on to a Masters programme and then work as a manager.

I'd like to work in a sales role in any sector.

Did EM Normandie meet all your expectations?

EM Normandie is the perfect school for me. They provide us with a lot of support, and more specifically the Hub team.

The School also offers us the opportunity to join an association that interests us, which allows us to practise on real-world scenarios.

This experience enables us to become high-performance professionals.

What do you think of Le Havre?

I think Le Havre is a very beautiful city, a little too quiet for my taste!

But the scenery is beautiful and the people are friendly. The docks and the beach are particularly beautiful.

Would you recommend EM Normandie to other Indian students?

Yes, I would recommend the School to my friends, because there aren't that many Indian students here.

And the School is very supportive of international students.

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