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Tom Ahern
Tom Ahern

International Student at EM Normandie Business School - Le Havre

My name is Tom Ahern, I'm from Montréal, Canada.
I am currently a M1 Global Track student here at EM Normandie, which corresponds to the fourth year of the Master in Management programme. 

Why did you choose EM Normandie Business School?

I chose the School for its reputation of high quality education. I also chose it because I came up from a more technical background from the maritime industry. That is why I wanted to add to my experience and become more specialised in the business aspect of it.

So I think EM Normandie is the perfect spot to start my career in the maritime business world. 

How was your application process?

Actually, my application process was pretty smooth to be honest. I was very impressed. 

Every question I had was answered super quickly. I even had a coordinator that was from my region, so she was in charge of Canada and North America. For every question I had, I could send an email or on WhatsApp.

What do you like most about your programme?

I'd say the small classes to be honest. It's a high-level education but also in small groups so it creates bonds with the students and with the professor.

I think it's a very interesting approach to learning and it's perfect for networking for future opportunities. 

Are schools the same in Canada and in France?

I say that the big advantage in France is the networking approach. Here, it's very strong to have "Le Réseau Alumni" (Alumni network). It creates bonds with current and previous students.

That way, you can start your career and people are helping you out when you enter the job market.

What are your career prospects?

As I mentioned before, I worked on cargo ships and passenger ships but now I would like to make a transition to the business part of the maritime industry.

I think Le Havre is the perfect spot to start my career. 

What are your favourite places to visit in Le Havre?

I think Le Havre is the perfect city to study to be honest. I currently live in Quartier St-Vincent and it's right by the beach. Having this contrast of the beach and the city vibe is amazing! 

It's a perfect location because you study hard at School and you can go relax by the beach, so it's perfect.
A little bit of both worlds at the same time. 

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Can you sum up EM Normandie in three words?

Quality, international and opportunities.


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