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flavia amoasi
Flavia Amoas

Senior Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer

My job involves...

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I co-host the only maritime TV programme in Ghana dubbed 'Eye on Port'. This programme airs on three TV stations in Ghana and on my organisation's YouTube Channel. I also hosted the 2019 Maritime Day Celebration. My role includes coordinating and organizing meetings and events and assisting in dealing with queries from our clients. I investigate requests for sponsorship and rent waivers and make recommendations to the Director General.

“I seek to enrol in the World Maritime University and to become the future Director of Tema Port.”

Why maritime?

Growing up in the Port City of Tema, I've always been fascinated by port activities. I fondly remember my first boat ride and tour of the port at age 15. This life changing and other interesting experiences inspired me to take up a profession in this industry.

How IMO has helped...

The 15th Women in Port Management Course, in Le Havre, France, sponsored by IMO, broadened my knowledge about the maritime industry. It afforded me the opportunity to share my experiences and learn from best practices in port management globally. As a result, I am pursuing other UN programmes to improve my performance at work.

Top Tip

A woman looking to enter the maritime world should not fret but take up the challenge as she aspires to enter this male-dominated industry. She needs to work hard and stay focused to merit her role.

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