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Clarice Selena-Solano
Clarice Pereira-Solano

Participant in the OMI women's seminar

I took part in the twentieth edition of the Gestion Portuaire au Féminin seminar in 2023. It was an incredible experience. Classes with instructors specialising in the most important subjects in Port Management were interspersed with visits to the port terminals of Le Havre and Rouen. Discovering Port 2000, home to the world's largest container ships, was impressive. We also visited the pilot station, where we were able to take part in a manoeuvre simulation. I shared experiences with women working in the sector from several other countries, which was very enriching, both in terms of the way the sector operates in other countries and the opportunity to discover more about the culture of the participating countries and, of course, France itself.

This experience gave me a different perspective on the sector, through the eyes and experience of both the trainers and the participants.

Discovering the best practices achieved in the HAROPA PORT complex with regard to port management, the use of the Seine waterway and urban distribution in Paris gave me a glimpse of great opportunities for my country. In addition, living in the vibrant city of Le Havre and the charming region of Normandy in the context of the Seminar was an incomparable experience.

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