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Rajae Yacoubi

Head of Marketing Division National Ports Agency - Maroc

Port women from 27 African countries were present in Le Havre to benefit from IPER training.

This has allowed me to have a global vision of a European port and the leading French port for containers and to keep up with the latest developments in the port sector. The example of HAROPA PORT illustrates this ambition, which represents a force in the face of globalisation.

This training programme is also a great opportunity to network with contacts who will contribute to a better understanding of the port world as it is constantly evolving.

The city-port relationship, ecology, the establishment of a single window, the role of the port authority, logistics, the enhancement of the public domain are all projects that require a shared perception and know-how.

The trainers in Le Havre do it wonderfully because great achievements are always made in a community of ideas.

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