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Les Belles Initiatives KOMATE
Clément Bignon & Thibault Leroux

Founders of KOMATE

Why this name KOMATE?  

"Mate" in English means "teammate". It's a word that's used a lot in gaming. "Co" means "community". The whole thing can also be called a "comet" because we are the little star that is going to revolutionise the whole of gaming!

Why did you create Komate?

Today, the geek is no longer alone in his room. The gaming community is very important to us. Nowadays, it's a sector that brings people together, that creates moments of sharing and that even allows friendships to be made. The Komate application allows gamers to find people nearby who share the same passions based on geographical criteria, gamers' interests, their age...

With the introduction of Rocket League and Street Fighter at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, video games are becoming an increasingly important part of the leisure time experience for the world's population. Our goal is to bring people together and create new interactions through video games.

With Komate, we want to create a caring community that brings together all levels of all games and makes each game a moment of sharing or intense tryhard for the most daring.

How were you supported in this project?

EM Normandie Incubator helped us a lot in our project. It allowed us to take a different approach to our project and that helped us enormously. When we arrived, we met Louis, the creator of Dealer de Coques. We found his profile very inspiring.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur?

If you have an idea, it is because it meets your need, the need of a friend or the need of a large number of people. Above all, you must take the plunge and DARE.


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