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engy mahmoud
Engy Mahmoud Helmy Awad

Financial Specialist

My job involves...

In my position as a financial and operational adviser at the Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector (MTS) I'm responsible for presenting financial and investment reports.

These allow decision makers to analyse the maritime market, define the existing and potential cargo base that could be handled by ports, allocate competition between terminals, prevent destructive competition between Egyptian terminals, and give financial advice concerning capital structure for financing prospective investment projects.

“Don't waste your time defending your qualifications - instead, let your actions speak for you.”

Why maritime?

Foreign seaborne trade volume represents about 90% of Egyptian foreign trade, 60% of which is handled through the port of Alexandria. Born in Alexandria, I developed my passion for maritime at an early age - craving to influence decision making for a well-developed Egyptian maritime transport sector.
How IMO has helped...

In 2017, I was honoured to take part in the IMO Women in Maritime Programme event for female officials from maritime and port authorities of developing countries in Le Havre, France. This course helped me enhance my knowledge in port management and operational efficiency. It was a pleasure meeting the other participants, a total of 27 female officials from 18 developing countries. We exchanged our experiences in a friendly multicultural environment.

Professional aspiration

I aspire to serve as an operation and investment advisor across Egyptian ports to ensure efficient public spending and effective operations.

Top Tip

Women looking to enter the maritime world should start working on their ability to look at both a macro and micro-level of problem, and continue to study the current multimodal, interconnected transportation system. One thing I've learnt for sure: don't waste your time defending your qualifications - instead, let your actions speak for you.

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