What do business schools train for?

Joining a business school obviously means acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to enter the professional world and become a successful manager. It is also about living a unique experience that invites you to commit yourself and to surpass yourself.

Through the different pillars that make up the student experience you have the opportunity to invest yourself in projects that are important to you. To professionalise yourself and to open up to the world and to start a career path that matches your ambitions.

The business school student experience

The entire curriculum and all the experiences that make it up lead you to discover yourself and to identify your levers for development. Experience sharing and collective intelligence play a major role in this process.

The mission of business schools is not only to train you for a profession but to give you all the agility you need to reinvent yourself throughout your career. The value of failure and curiosity also the desire to undertake and the strength to dare are the backdrop to all our "Innovative" teaching methods.

Support to build your career

Everything is done to enable you to gradually build a personal and professional project that suits you by matching your values with your passions and your skills and the professions of the future. The EM Normandie Career Path (Parcours Carrière) offers you individual and group coaching sessions - workshops - personality tests - mentoring sessions...

This support is also an excellent compass for choosing your academic - international - professional - associative experiences by targeting hard skills and soft skills with high added value.