How does the integration into a business school work?

You're joining your Business School at the start of the new academic year and you're wondering how to integrate into your new environment. From the start of the school year to the Alumni network and the integration weeks find out all the keys to feeling at ease from the very first days and taking advantage of your network throughout your course.

The start of the new academic year in a Business School

Dates for the start of the academic year

Find out from your school about your start dates so that you can plan your move in well in advance and prepare for your new life as a student in the best possible conditions.

To ensure that you have a good start to the new school year make sure that you have completed all the administrative formalities concerning your enrolment and that you have finalised your school contract.

Induction Days

From the very first days the Business Schools generally organise the famous Induction Days - those days which combine presentation times (course programmes - School services - teaching teams - etc.) and convivial times which allow you to meet many people - create cohesion within the classes and quickly put you at ease in your new environment.

These festive - friendly - benevolent periods are punctuated by numerous games and activities: sports events - Escape Game - inflatable structures - blind tests - etc.

There are plenty of opportunities to share moments of conviviality: visits to the campuses - workshops and seminars - meetings with the associations and services of the School - fun and sports activities - etc.

At the beginning of the year a sponsorship event with a meeting ceremony is organised for newcomers: a sponsor from the year above undertakes to accompany you in discovering the School and your new city.

Arrival on your campus

If you have moved into your accommodation a day or two before the start of the new school year you will probably have had time to organise your home-school journey. If not it is advisable to prepare well for your arrival on D-day so that you can arrive at your new school with peace of mind on your first day.

Meet a variety of people throughout your studies

Throughout your studies you will meet students from all walks of life: geographical - academic - sociological. These diverse profiles will contribute to your personal enrichment.

Indeed the recruitment process for business schools has diversified considerably - even if the preparatory class remains an important entry point for many schools. It is now common to enter a school directly after high school - after a first year or after having validated a 2 / 3 / 4 or 5-year degree - whether French or foreign.

On the social front it is worth noting that the number of scholarship students entering a Business School is constantly increasing. To help alleviate the cost of tuition fees many schools offer work-study programmes that allow you to be exempt from paying tuition fees - earn a salary and gain work experience during your studies.

By meeting and working with students from a wide range of backgrounds you learn to interact with a variety of thinking - working habits - personalities.

This mix leaves room for diversity and tolerance and fosters your intellectual openness as well as your ability to interact with multiple profiles throughout your studies and in the professional world.

Build your network and make lasting connections from the start

Building a network is essential for your future professional integration and your evolution throughout your career. You probably use sites like LinkedIn to keep in touch with people you met during your internships for example. This is a good start to building a professional network and adopting the network reflex.

When you enter a business school you have the opportunity to join the Alumni network - which is made up of former students - both young and old graduates - and for some institutions - current students. These members are generally spread around the world and their number varies according to the length of time your school has been in existence.

By joining the Alumni network you benefit from many advantages:

  • Consult a database of job and internship advertisements compiled by members of the network who are currently working and take advantage of the professional opportunities offered by their companies.
  • Collaborate and exchange with the professionals of your network on your respective experiences during events organised by your school.
  • Develop your career and deepen your professional project thanks to the testimonies of alumni on their professional experience and the opportunities offered by your network.
  • Unite around common values that you share with the community of students and graduates.

The eligibility phase of the competitive exams

In June the Business Schools organise the "admissible" phase on their campuses during your oral exams. The Student Welcome Teams give you a warm welcome and help you to relax during this stressful period. They do everything possible to de-stress you to the sound of good electro music or the latest video games. This is a great way to make contact with other candidates and to exchange ideas with the students of the School.

This festive and original atmosphere is perfectly characteristic of the Business Schools and announces the state of mind that reigns there.

This "operation seduction" organised for the Schools also aims to make you want to join them by showing you the dynamism and solidarity that reign within their community.