How to thrive in a Business School association?

Bringing your passions to life

Joining an association allows you to meet several objectives. First of all student associations give you the opportunity to get involved in subjects that you are passionate about. Whether it be sports - humanitarian work - music - wine - promoting your school - sustainable development... You can even create your own association if you wish. 

Developing professional skills

Managed like small businesses: associations allow you to lead concrete projects and see them blossom. At the same time you will be looking for funding - recruiting people - canvassing companies - carrying out communication activities and managing your association's finances. This is an opportunity to develop new skills complementary to those acquired during work placements.

Working in a team also gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself - to identify your leadership profile - to learn to convince - to cultivate all the qualities expected of a manager in a company.

Sharing human adventures

Working on a joint project also allows you to forge deep and lasting ties with students and to share many moments of conviviality. By investing in common projects you learn to take advantage of the collective to advance a cause: building a school in Peru - working against food insecurity - promoting an event - organising a sports or cultural meeting...