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Arthur Streichenberg, alternant chez Air France
Arthur Streichenberg

Youth and Dynamism at Air France: Arthur's work-study track experience


Arthur Streichenberg, a work-study track student at Air France in the post of management controller, expresses his pride and admiration for his contribution to the pilot training programme sector.

His colleague, Elodie Sisquella, who also works in management control, emphasises Arthur's positive energy and impact on the team. She praises the work-study track for bringing in youth, motivation and new perspectives, all of which are vital to Air France's dynamism.

Arthur Streichenberg, work-study track: « Air France is a company that makes you dream, and to work for a company that carries tens of millions of passengers a year is, to be honest, a real source of pride. It's also been a dream of mine for a long time, so I'm very proud. »

Elodie Sisquella, Management Controller - Air France: « Arthur is a ray of sunshine. He brings us a lot, a lot of joie de vivre. What's more, he's a very quick learner, so that's a real asset. It's true that I was all on my own in my field, so obviously that took a load off my mind in terms of the work I had to do. He's interested in a lot of things. 
He's a huge asset to the team. »

A.S.: « As part of the pilot training programme management control, we're in charge of budgets, particularly for flight simulators for our pilots, cadets too, those training to become pilots at Air France, and also all the technical qualifications for those changing aircraft type or joining Air France. 

What I really enjoy is seeing the hidden side that we don't see, especially on the financial side. Working for such a French company is a real source of pride, and we're very happy. Working at Roissy airport is also a real privilege. I see planes every day, I feel like I'm travelling, that I'm going to leave with them. 

I would honestly recommend a work-study track 1,000%, as it really helps you to gain professionalisation, develop your skills, mature, gain professional experience and then maybe get hired. 

For the rest of the year, until the end of the year and next year, I'd like to continue on the work-study track and make sure that things are going as well as ever, and gain in maturity. After that, of course, we'd all like to be taken on, and then continue in finance and management control. 

I don't have a long-term goal yet, but in any case, in the short term, that's it. »

E.S.: « I think that work-study track students always have a lot to contribute, firstly because they're often highly motivated, which isn't the case with all employees, and secondly because, as I was saying earlier, they bring a spontaneity, a youthfulness and a new way of looking at things, so a work-study track student is bound to have something positive to contribute. 

I've taken on some in the past, I've got some now and I'll take on more in the future without any hesitation. It's also important to remember that at the end of a work-study track, some people are recruited. 

Last year we took on 4,000 new staff at Air France, including some on work-study track. At the end of a work-study track, it's not unlikely that a work-study student will be offered a job. »

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