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Victor - expat Oxford
My Expat' to Oxford

Victor, Master in Management student on expatriation in Oxford

In « Mon Expat’ to … », EM Normandie students look back on their expatriation to destinations as varied as Japan, Korea, Chile, Malaysia, Finland, Brazil, the United Kingdom, etc.

They share their experiences, daily life on campus, their new city, their encounters, their excursions. They also give you all the keys to prepare for your future expatriation.

In this interview, Laura, currently an expat on the Oxford campus, talks to Victor, a French student of the Master in Management programme (Year 3) on the Oxford campus and president of the "Wine More Time" association, which promotes oenology, mixology and spirits on campus.

What made you decide to go to Oxford after studying at the Paris campus?

Victor: For my first expatriation, I chose Oxford because it is an English-speaking country that allows me to perfect my English. And for my first study-abroad experience, I didn't want to go too far from France. England is therefore ideal. Moreover, Oxford is a city renowned for its university and for its urban folklore.

What do you think of the Oxford campus?

Victor: This campus is smaller than the other EM Normandie campuses. I liked its human size. This way, you meet a lot more people and you know all the students from all the classes. We also have a lot of social evenings, which allows us to meet people of all ages. I really liked that aspect.

On the Oxford campus, we all know each other, I really like the human scale!

How do you like community life in Oxford?

Victor: Oxford is a smaller city than Paris, so we're all in constant contact to discuss what we're doing. Communication happens quickly. We are all close to each other and to the city centre. In Paris, it's not always easy to go to events, especially if you live in the suburbs. In Oxford, everyone can really attend every event.

Oxford's community life is very rich and there are plenty of social events.

With the Wine More Time association , we organise events around wine and spirits. This year, we were able to organise a face-to-face event during which cocktails were awarded. We also organised wine quizzes. The event brought as many people as possible together in a well-known Oxford cocktail bar. It's a way for people to meet and talk to each other, both local and international.

I find Oxford's community life very rich. Marie will tell you about it, she was last year in the The Oxmose Shire association which organizes many parties which really animate the Oxford campus. That's why I stayed in this city.

What is your best memory of Oxford?

Victor: I loved my year at Oxford for many reasons. I enjoyed meeting lots of people and making a solid base of friends that I could go out with regularly. I also liked the atmosphere in the pubs and the spirit of the people in the city.

What are the best reasons to come to Oxford?

Victor: Don't hesitate to come to Oxford. The campus is within EM Normandie which is more reassuring than going to the end of the world, even if I think that some people are more adventurous than me. You don't feel lost because the universe remains centred around EM Normandie Business School.

On the Oxford campus, you benefit from the EM Normandie experience while being an expatriate.

Moreover, you meet a lot of English people during your expatriation. I think you should try to find a 100% English flatshare because you mainly meet French people on campus. This allows you to make a group of English friends and to discover the city with them.

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