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Romane Lacoste
Romane Lacoste

Expatriate at BI Norwegian Business School: Romane's experience


Choosing the City and the School

I chose Oslo because it is a more human-sized city compared to Paris, making it much more pleasant to live in.

I chose BI because it is a well-known finance school. It is the largest city in Europe in terms of area, which allows us to have high-quality facilities and education. 

Integration at BI

Integration at BI is good thanks to Bud's Week. We are divided into several groups with both international and local students. For example, we participated in several activities together, such as visiting Vigeland Park or the Munch Museum. This allowed us to socialize with both locals and internationals and not just stick with other French students. 

Teaching Techniques

What struck me the most in the courses is the teaching technique. It's not just a professor presenting their PPT; there is a real debate on a topic, and we all discuss it in small groups. This also allows for better integration with the Norwegians. 

Living in Shared Accommodation

I chose not to live in shared accommodation, but I recommend living with internationals to practice English. Even though I live alone, my spoken English has improved a lot. Being in shared accommodation allows you to do activities, go out, or even attend classes together. I highly recommend it. 

Housing and Cost of Living

My apartment is 10 minutes from the center and BI, which is very convenient for attending classes and going out. My rent is around €800, but again, if you share, it is much cheaper. I find the standard of living in Oslo to be very high. Everything is clean, the transportation is always in good condition, and everything public is amazing. 

Interaction with Norwegians

Norwegians are very friendly people, although you need to make an effort to talk to them as they often stay among themselves. Once you start talking to them, they are very nice. 

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