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Julie Paing
Julie Paing

Julie Paing shares her vision of the EM Normandie Experience

What do you think are the strengths of the School?

The community

There is a family atmosphere and a strong sense of belonging. We also receive a lot of support during our studies.


The School also organises many events to help you find an internship or a work placement.

Did you expect this type of experience?

For me, this is what I was hoping for. When you join a school, you expect to have all these services, to be taken care of and accompanied in your steps.

What are the differences between a Business School and a University?

The relationship with the professors is not the same and we often have practical work in small groups of students. We feel this family spirit and we feel more supported.

The choice of EM Normandie Business School

Why did you choose EM Normandie?

For its work-study offer because it is the leading School in this field. I also wanted to live my student life to the full after my DUT diploma: community life, expatriations, student parties... and not have any regrets afterwards.

I chose EM Normandie for its work-study offer because it is the leading School in this field.

What are the EM Normandie campuses like?

The Caen campus is very nice, the whole extension part of the building is modern. The tables and chairs on wheels allow you to sit as you like in class. The rooms have been equipped with soundbars and twinning equipment. There has been a huge investment.

Would you recommend EM Normandie to your friends?

Yes, completely. In fact, some of my friends will be coming to EM Normandie next year.

Teaching methods

How many hours of lessons do you have?

This year, I had between 20 and 30 hours of classes per week, including association projects. There are a lot of common thread projects, group projectsconcrete cases organised by teachers who are also entrepreneurs.

What is your favourite subject this year?

I liked the course on consumer behaviour and psychology. We study the jargon and the tricks of the management trade through concrete elements to know how to react to different situations.

What is your relationship with the teaching profession?

They are very easy to reach and extremely available by email. Our professors know all our names and ask us regularly for news. We feel considered. I also think of my financial maths teacher who offered us extra time if we needed it.

Integration into a Business School

Do you make many friends in a Business School?

You regularly see the same people, which creates affinities and we also go out together in the evening. Working in groups and being invited to parties also allows us to make new acquaintances.

What are the key factors for integrating well into a Business School?

You have to reach out to others, go to parties and be helpful in class if someone needs it. You also have to be active in class to fit in well.

How was your first day of school?

I loved the fact that on the first day I was greeted exclusively by students. It puts you at ease from the start. I was also drawn to take part in a satisfaction survey on the start of the school year. This allows us to meet people and discuss our first impressions. We also have a mentor system that allows us to integrate very quickly from the start of the year.

Day-to-day organisation

Can you describe a typical day at a business school?

You arrive on campus in the morning either at 7.45 or at 10.30. During the lunch hour, there is a lot of socialising among students. We can go and eat at the CROUS or the campus cafeteria. We also get together a lot in the evening for after-work to relax. Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to association projects.

Do you have a lot of personal work?

Personally, yes, because I am very committed to the lessons. I always try to go further in the exercises. Students who work differently certainly have less work to do. I think it's normal to have personal work, otherwise there's no point in going to Business School only to do half of it.

How do you manage your accommodation and transport?

I'm in a 6 person flatshare in Caen that I found on LeBoncoin. I take the tram to come to the campus.

What equipment do I need?

A laptop is essential as well as a Microsoft Office suite and a good smartphone. Personally, I also like to take notes on paper. You also need a USB stick, headphones and a bag. 

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