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Gabin Ernoult
Gabin Ernoult

Gabin Ernoult shares his vision of the EM Normandie Experience

What do you think are the strengths of the School?

The network

The primary strength of EM Normandie is its network of graduates. When I browse on LinkedIn, I often see some Alumni, which gives me a positive image of the School.

The community

It is also true that the School has a strong identity, values and a beautiful History. Conviviality and benevolence reign on its campuses. For example, the campus in Le Havre is on a human scale, you get along with everyone and you can easily find your place.

Conviviality and benevolence reign on its campuses.

Did you expect this type of experience?

When I joined EM Normandie, I was very pleasantly surprised and really seduced by the community life which allowed me to progress, to meet many people and to live the EM Normandie Experience to the full.

Can you describe the student experience in a Business School?

It is a very enriching experience from a professional point of view with the classes, internships and projects. But also from a personal point of view with the community life. You meet very good people who then become good friends. 

What are the differences between a Business School and a University?

In higher education, you have to be fairly independent in all cases, but you are much more supervised in a prep school or Business School than in a university. Moreover, I prefer to have on my CV a degree that is recognised by recruiters for the experience I have gained on the job. You also have a fabulous campus in Le Havre with many services at your disposal.

The choice of EM Normandie Business School

Why did you choose EM Normandie?

As a native of Le Havre, I chose it for its new campus. It is a School that invests: a new campus in Le Havre and soon in Paris. Its accreditations, the quality of its teaching, and its long-term vision also weighed in my choice.

What are the EM Normandie campuses like?

When I visited the former Richelieu campus, I already found it very human. Everyone passed each other in the corridors. Today, the new Quai Frissard campus gives EM Normandie another dimension, whether in Le Havre or at the national level, you have an architecturally impressive campus. Many services are available to you and the campus is digitally very interesting.

Would you recommend EM Normandie to your friends?

Yes. The network is really important and the community life is very dynamic.

Teaching methods

How many hours of lessons do you have?

I had between 22 and 23 hours per week from September to April, i.e. 8 months of classes.

What is your favourite subject this year?

I have very good memories of the strategy course. I liked the professor's teaching methods, with a theoretical part and exchanges with the group. We went beyond the pure lesson by dealing with current business issues. Then we worked on a practical case that we presented in the next class in front of the other students.

What is your relationship with the teaching profession?

We have a very good relationship with our teachers. They are always ready to listen. For example, when we need more explanations, we contact our professors by email and we receive an answer quite quickly. As a student, if you volunteer, you will never be left behind.

Integration into a Business School

Do you make many friends in a Business School?

I made as many friends during Covid as I would normally have. First, with the integration period, then for the student office application lists. Despite the conditions, we were able to meet in small groups, we always stayed together and always found something to enjoy.

What are the key factors for integrating well into a Business School?

The integration period was very important for me and for my community life afterwards because I met a lot of people during that period. The administration supports us when we need it, whether it is for our integration or to help us psychologically. I think that the school does not exclude anyone.

How was your first day of school?

During the integration period, I was able to interact with a lot of people, share some pretty amazing moments with people who are now some of my best friends. We had three days with interesting outings that encouraged interaction between and within teams. We had a lot of fun with the soapbox races!

Day-to-day organisation

Can you describe a typical day at a business school?

If you are involved in the community life, you arrive in the morning a few minutes early, you go through the EM Square on the campus of Le Havre, it is the place where you meet to start the day. We have 3 hours of classes with a 15-20 minute break in the middle, which allows us to play table football or ping-pong, go to the cafeteria or go for a walk.

During the lunch break, we meet for lunch at the EM Square. Since the campus is in the city centre, you can quickly go and get something to eat. These places are a good way to meet, share, play video games and discuss community life.

Then in the afternoon, we meet after class to work in groups in the places provided: Learning Center, media library and EM Square with some music for those who prefer to work in the noise. Afterwards, we go home or we meet near the beach or in the city centre to enjoy the end of the day.

Do you have a lot of personal work?

For my part, I have invested a lot in community life with the Student Office (BDE). I recommend a maximum of involvement, it allows you to enter the professional world and at the same time to share good moments with friends and enjoy yourself as much as possible. The rest of my time is spent on coursework. I don't have to do a lot of work myself, but you still have to work and go to the end by rereading your lessons in the evening. 

How do you manage your accommodation and transport?

I live with my parents near Le Havre. Financially, it's more interesting. 
I ride my bike all the time. It's a nice aspect of the city. There are cycle paths everywhere. You can easily park your bike.

What equipment do I need?

A laptop is compulsory, and some teachers ask for notebooks but this is rare.

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