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Guillaume Boixel
Guillaume Boixel

Guillaume Boixel shares his vision of the EM Normandie Experience

What do you think are the strengths of the School?

The excellence of the programmes

The programmes are comprehensive and you can specialise at the end of the course.


The programmes are strongly oriented towards professionalisation, for example through work-study programmes.

Did you expect this type of experience?

Yes, so did I. My family, who is used to Business Schools' environment, had told me about it. I was not disappointed. The courses allow you to improve your skills and the community life to develop personally.

Can you describe the student experience in a Business School?

It is a very enriching experience from a professional point of view with the classes, internships and projects. But also from a personal point of view with the community life. You meet very good people who then become good friends. 

What are the differences between a Business School and a University?

The follow-up of the students is much more complete and the Business School courses offer us good professional opportunities.

The choice of EM Normandie Business School

Why did you choose EM Normandie?

For its 150 years of experience, for its work-study opportunities and its community life.

Would you recommend EM Normandie to your friends?

Of course, for all the reasons already mentioned.

Teaching methods

What is your favourite subject this year?

The Consumer Behaviour course as we delve into business strategies to understand customers and serve them better. It also allows us to understand how brands and retail outlets work.

Integration into a Business School

What are the key factors for integrating well into a Business School?

For me, there is none. You just have to be yourself. Nobody judges you.

How was your first day of school?

The integration days are very well organised and very festive. You can discover the School, the city and get to know the other students.

Day-to-day organisation

Do you have a lot of personal work?

I don't have a lot of work to do. But you have to reread your lessons in the evening and put them back into shape if necessary. And in any case, we work in groups on the projects.

How do you manage your accommodation and transport?

I live in the city centre of Le Havre, in a flat I found on LeBoncoin. I usually get to the campus by tram or on foot.

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