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yannis boukhiba
Yannis Boukhiba

Account Executive at EasyMovie

What are your tasks at EasyMovie?

My job is to support the growth of the start-up "EasyMovie" by developing a portfolio of clients. I'm in charge of all the strategic aspects, including mapping and prospecting for major accounts.

I work with major accounts such as Veolia, Engie and BPCE.

I have to get in touch with my contacts so that I can then set up projects after having identified the needs of these customers. I sell these solutions to clients and implement them.

Can you tell us about your company?

What's really great about EasyMovie is that it's never boring. We are a startup in hyper-growth. There are many changes. The positioning of our solution is evolving enormously.

We offer a video editing tool that was originally intended for communication and marketing departments. Today, we are addressing business departments directly to help them share structured knowledge between peers.

What are your career plans?

I intend to stay in the SaaS sector as long as possible. It's a field I discovered some time ago.

I don't know yet if I'll stay at EasyMovie because in the startup world, the cycles are very short. You don't usually stay very long in these companies.

How did your studies go?

I joined EasyMovie in my third year of study. I did a three-year course at EM Normandie, which I joined in 2015. I did my first year in Caen. It was an opportunity for me to get out of the Paris region and discover the provinces. It was an incredible experience, thanks to the student life, the community life and the international internships.

I then did two years of work experience in the Paris region. I was able to enter working life in parallel with my course at EM Normandie.

It was the work-study programme that allowed me to discover this profession and to know what I wanted to do later.

What are the opportunities in the commercial field?

As a salesperson, the SaaS market is very tight. You very quickly find yourself receiving offers every day, being solicited from all sides. This generates a lot of work.

I would advise a graduate with 5 years of higher education and a commercial bent to join the SaaS sector because it is interesting both from a financial point of view and in terms of job security.

Indeed, the SaaS sector is a sector that hires and offers good salaries.

What did your course at EM Normandie bring you?

There is the whole "networking" part, which is something I didn't necessarily realise before joining the School. You learn to create contacts easily with your classmates, with your colleagues and with all the people you meet later on in your career at a personal and professional level.

This course also allows you to open up intellectually. You learn to adapt very quickly to different contexts and positions. This is something that is worked on naturally at EM Normandie. It's funny because I don't know how it happens, but my other classmates have made the same observation.

It is this capacity to adapt and this openness that makes our profiles sought after on the job market.

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