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jonathan kam
Jonathan Kam

Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Botmind

What do you offer at BotMind?

At BotMind, we provide solutions to automate the answers to common and time-consuming questions in e-commerce.

As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO), I am responsible for customer acquisition. This consists of two parts: the marketing and the sales dimension.

The marketing part is to make sure that the customer hears about us and is attracted to our products and services. The commercial dimension consists of reaching out to customers and convincing them to work with us in the field of e-commerce and automation.

What educational background did you have?

I started with a Master's degree in finance at EM Normandie. I chose to do two years of work-study in the banking sector. I really enjoyed this experience.

These years of work experience opened my mind, allowed me to put my knowledge into practice and to meet many people.

What led to the creation of BotMind?

After my studies, I had the opportunity to work internationally, especially in Dublin and Barcelona.

These experiences made me realise that I wanted to turn to both digital and entrepreneurship.

This is what led me to co-found BotMind.

What did your years at EM Normandie bring you?

I made a lot of friends at EM Normandie. You stay in touch with these people and it's a great pleasure.

There is also the network dimension. You can benefit from the help and advice of members of the community, whether it's on an entrepreneurial or team management level. Graduates of the school can even become future clients. I know several EM Normandie alumni who have set up e-commerce sites.

What does your activity bring to you on a daily basis?

I think that having your own project and creating something for yourself is very fulfilling. It is not always necessary to found a start-up but for example to have a passion project, to do freelancing... It's a change from the daily life of an employee.

It doesn't matter how big or small it is, having a project in parallel with your main activity or making it your main activity is something very satisfying.

What is your concern as a company director?

I make sure that the product develops well and that the team is always so happy to work on these subjects.

Of course, it is also important that the customers are delighted with the products and services provided. We have to make sure that we are as efficient as possible and that our customers are as satisfied as possible.

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