Why study in France for Indian students? 

France and more widely Europe are great places to live for Indian students because there are many opportunities for work and travel after graduation. Moreover, there are many cultural similarities between India and France, so Indian students will feel comfortable in this new environment. 

French excellence for education and research 

France also has some of the world’s best universities, research centers and Business Schools. It is recognised as a world-leading centre for research and innovation, with more than 66 Nobel Prize winners and 15 Fields Medals.

As far as education is concerned, the richness and diversity offered by the French system make it easy to find an educational programme that matches your background and goals: Supply chain, logistics, luxury, marketing, finance, international trade, artificial intelligence…

The French education system is internationally recognised for its management training. Numerous French universities and Grandes Ecoles are placed highly in the most reputable international rankings.

EM Normandie Alumni Association

In 2022, 24 French business schools were listed in the prestigious Financial Times ranking for having the best Masters in Management programmes in the world. EM Normandie is one of them with its Master in Management (Programme Grande École).

EM Normandie is also ranked 22nd best French Business School in the Financial Times’ ranking of the top European Business Schools, and secured 85th place in the general league table.

First days at EM Normandie

Discover a new culture and share your own

France is a country that has always been known for its cultural diversity, and it is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for international students. Currently, it is the fourth-largest destination for higher education.

By choosing to study in France, you will have the chance to discover a society that is multicultural and open, proud of its history and looking forward to the future. We will be delighted to share the art of living à la française with you – an art celebrated around the world. By studying in France, you will get the chance to experience a vibrant cultural scene, which includes opera houses, art galleries, and museums. The gastronomical scene is also excellent and features many different types of cuisines from around the world.

Being an international student is not only a chance to experience a whole new culture, traditions and way of life, but also a great opportunity to contribute aspects of your own culture, traditions and way of life and share them with the new culture you are experiencing.  

Travel all over France and Europe

During your studies, you will get the chance to travel all over Europe at an affordable price and discover many cultures: Germany, United-Kingdom, Ireland… Your visa allows you to travel and do your internships throughout the Schengen area, which includes 26 countries. For other countries, you will need a specific visa.


Prepare your stay

The French Embassy has developed a highly attractive visa policy for Indian students, which includes the option of a 2-year stay back visa in France after their studies. This temporary residence permit delivered for a period of 2 years (i.e. 1 year renewable once) is exclusive to Indian students during their studies.

Furthermore, all Indian alumni who hold at least a Master’s degree from State-recognised French institutes are eligible for 5-year short-stay visas. This Alumni visa allows you to travel for 5 years on the European territory.  


Benefit from multiple career opportunities after graduation

The French economy is the seventh largest in the world (GDP) and it benefits from a highly skilled, multilingual workforce.

If you decide to stay in France or Europe after graduation, you will be offered may job opportunities. After graduating from a French business school, you will get access to the most prestigious jobs in Europe, with high starting salaries.

Opportunities are plenty should you decide to go back to India after graduation, your French degree will give you access to more than 1,000 French companies operating in India. France is the largest foreign employer in India and the third largest investor. On average, you will be paid 20% more than other professionals who have not studied in France.

For your future professional life, this academic stay in France will be an advantage. You will be leaving with essential knowledge, backed up by internationally-recognised degree. 

Study at an affordable price

It’s hard to find an institution that guarantees quality training without spending too much money on an expensive university degree that may not even guarantee employment after.

France has some of the lowest tuition fees in Europe thanks to massive investments in education and research by public authorities. This policy has enabled France to offer students one of the best higher education systems in the world and, above all, one of the most accessible.

Compared to other countries like USA or Australia, France is a much cheaper destination to study. For a tuition-only price, you can pay both your tuition fees and your living costs in France. This is significant when you take into account that many students take out loans to pay for their studies.


Flights to France or Europe are also more affordable as they are closer to India. As far as housing is concerned, the French system offers student housing subsidies which can be up to one third of your rent.

In addition, apart from scholarships offered by Business schools and universities, the French Government also offers over 500 French scholarships to Indian students each year.


Benefit from the recognition of your degree

France is the first country who signed a mutual recognition agreement of academic qualifications with India.

The French Government has agreed to recognise Indian qualifications. This enables students to advance their studies in both French and Indian educational systems and promotes mobility of students between the two countries. The purpose of this agreement is to encourage people seeking qualifications in these countries and to ease the transition.


As per the signed agreement, the following educational qualifications from Government-approved institutions in India are now recognised by the French government: AISSCE, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Ph.Ds.

On the other side, qualifications recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education are now recognised by the Indian government: Baccalauréat, License, Master’s and Master’s level qualifications, Doctorat.

Diplomatic relationships between the two countries have only strengthened in recent times. The Embassy of France in India is committed to fostering this positive trend with supporting initiatives. The French President Emmanuel Macron has set up the objective to welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2027. 

Become an expert in your field

In French Business Schools, programmes are professionally oriented and combine theory and practice and use professional tools in real-world settings.

All the education offered at our institutions is linked to accredited research laboratories and the expertise of experienced professors. No matter what you study in France, you will always be with dedicated experts.

EM Normandie Business School has 105 permanent professors-researchers all experts in their fields.

Benefit from a multicultural and international environment 

In France, 1,500 programmes are taught 100% in English, thus bringing together a multicultural and international environment. 

At EM Normandie, all programmes accessible to international students are 100% taught in English: Bachelor International Management, BBA, Master in Management and MSc programmes.  

40% of the professors are native from English-speaking countries. 

EM Normandie provides a diverse student and cultural experience in a resolutely multicultural environment, with more than 50 nationalities represented at the School: 1,000+ international students are welcomed each year on the 6 campuses of the School. 

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