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18 June 2024

EM Normandie Business School students work on the UN's 17 SDGs as part of the Responsibility project


To encourage students' commitment to SD&CSR, EM Normandie Business School and its Foundation are challenging them for the 4th year running with the "Responsible Project" based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and grouped together in the Agenda 2030.

A collective and committed challenge

EM Normandie has devised this "responsible project", supported by its EM Normandie Foundation, for all 3rd year post-baccalaureate students on the Grande Ecole Programme at the Caen, Paris-Clichy, Dublin, Dubai and Oxford campuses, a total of around 900 students. Divided into groups of 4 or 5, they have been working since the beginning of February on an analysis of the process of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN into companies and organisations wishing to improve their SD and CSR performance. 199 groups were formed to work on concrete cases proposed by partner companies, establish a diagnosis and present recommendations for actions to be developed. 
For this fourth edition of the challenge, 9 companies put their trust in EM Normandie Business School: GATS, Tallano Technologies, TGS France, The Boost Society (KLEY, HIFE, CAMPUS), La Poste Groupe, Ville de Clichy-la-Garenne, Groupe Nutriset, THEAULT and Franprix.

All responsible at EM Normandie Business School

In a world where SD and CSR issues are playing an increasingly important role within companies, EM Normandie Business School believes that it is imperative to develop students' managerial and analytical skills specific to the exercise of responsible leadership in order to lead the necessary ecological, social and societal transformations.
Through this "responsible project", the school offers students an action-based approach to teaching, integrating them into a professionalisation context. The aim is to make them aware, in a concrete way, of the levers of action they can suggest to companies to bring about real change in favour of sustainable development and CSR. This challenge is fully in line with the 'School for Good' strategy of EM Normandie Business School and its Foundation, with the aim of preparing students for the SD&CSR challenges they will face as managers.

The 2024 winners

For two months, around fifteen coaches supervised the students, assessing their written reports and presentation pitches to select the best work. At the end of April, the 8 finalist teams presented their projects orally to a jury chaired by Philippe-Jean Péron, President of the EM Normandie Business School Foundation. A prize-giving ceremony attended by the students and professionals taking part was held on 23 May on the Paris-Clichy campuses.

Projet Responsable 2024

The first prize was awarded by the EM Normandie Business School Foundation to Paul DESNOYERS, Margot DEVILLERS, Elise DI CRESCENZO and Luna DOZIAS (Paris-Clichy campuses, English Track) for their work on the THEAULT company (horse transport) focusing on the ideas of decarbonisation of the business, sustainability of production and the collaborative economy.
The "Coup de Coeur" prize was awarded by DISE (EM Normandie Business School's Societal and Environmental Impact Department) to Lucas HUMETZ, Ambre HURSON, Agathe HUSSON and Ouiza IKENE (Paris-Clichy campuses, French-speaking Track) for the quality of their action plan for Franprix. In particular, they recommended specific and quantifiable actions to reduce the use of plastic in shops. 
€1,000 was awarded to each of the two winning teams, who generously chose to donate the prize money to the Sidaction association and to the Petits Champions, an EM Normandie Business School student association that entertains children in hospital to help them forget about their illness.

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