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26 March 2024

Community Project, 5 students at the service of the EM Normandie Alumni Association

SD & CSR Initial Education

The Alumni Association does its utmost to meet the expectations of students on the School's campuses and to maintain close links with them at every stage of their career.

The team in charge of Community Projects is growing

In order to offer an even better service, the association has strengthened its permanent team by welcoming five students on 7 October: Mélanie HE, Antoine ROAUARD, Joshua MUBE, Camille BRUNET and Hugo BELLOIR.

Their mission will be to work on EM Normandie's Community Projects and in particular to:

  • Carry out a comparative analysis of events organised in other higher education institutions. 
  • Organise an event for students on the reminder of the missions of the Alumni Association and on the constitution of their professional network. 
  • To support the organisation of Alumni events bringing together learners and graduates.

The Alumni Association warmly thanks these students for having chosen it to carry out their mission and congratulates them for their involvement in this project.

Discover the commitments of students in the Community Projects

Juliette Matha, a student on the Caen campus, worked on the development of the Hop Hop Food association, which fights against poverty and food waste.

Her mission was to develop the network of solidarity shops in the Caen area. These shopkeepers undertake to regularly offer foodstuffs, unsold or not, to people in their neighbourhood who are in a precarious situation.

Behind the scenes of the EM Normandie Community Project

Chloé Delaire and Gwladys Ricordel, students on the Caen campus, decided to get involved with UNICEF. They proposed to the UNICEF office in the city to organise an afternoon of awareness-raising on water consumption in a primary school class.

The headmistress of the Bicoquet school was enthusiastic about this project and agreed to organise an action in her school with her class of CE1-CE2.