Why join a French business school?

Definition of a business school

This higher education institution provides training in the fields of business management.

These generalist courses allow students to acquire a solid base of skills to become managers. At the end of the course students specialise in a specific field of management while having a versatile profile: marketing - finance - human resources - digital - logistics - international trade...

The constant confrontation with the professional world allows them to quickly enter the working world after their studies. Both versatile and experts in their chosen field they can work in many economic sectors both in France and abroad.

The experience offered in business schools

Business schools place great emphasis on the learning experience by allowing students to put their knowledge into practice on a permanent basis whether it be through work experience - expatriations - community service. 

In addition to the knowledge that is essential for any good manager students develop their critical thinking skills as well as their leadership. These soft skills are increasingly valued by companies which expect their managers to have personal and relational qualities.

Career opportunities after a business school course

In this context of economic uncertainty these schools continue to record good rates of professional integration. This success of business school graduates is due to several factors including the professional experience acquired throughout their studies (projects - internships - company assignments - work-study programmes...). Membership of the school's alumni network and the many partnerships with companies which give them access to professional opportunities.

The professional integration surveys conducted among EM Normandie graduates attest to their great satisfaction with their first job. Moreover a large majority of them find a job within the first few months. Some even getting their first job before the end of their studies.