What is a business school?

For your higher education: join a Grande Ecole business school that will open the doors to an ambitious career as a manager or entrepreneur and make your student adventure an unforgettable experience.

What is a business school course?

Whether you are considering short or long term studies - general or specialised - professional or international - there is a business school programme that is right for you! Let's take the time to analyse together the reasons for entering a business school directly after high school of after 2 / 3 or 4 years of higher education.

You will undoubtedly find that the best business schools spare no effort in offering you excellent programmes designed above all for your professional integration. By combining a high-level academic course to international experience and numerous professional projects - business schools prepare you to become agile and ambitious managers capable of evolving in an international environment.

Multiply your academic and professional experiences

One of the great strengths of Business Schools lies in the possibility of designing an academic and professional career path in your own image by multiplying experiences. Invest in numerous projects throughout your course - learn to mobilise your knowledge while cultivating the human values that will make you an ethical manager who is respected by your colleagues.

During these structuring experiences (expatriations - professional missions - associative projects...) - learn to work in a team - to communicate in project mode and to build your leadership. You will develop your know-how as well as your interpersonal skills - these "soft skills" - which are essential for your future management functions. You will come out of this Business School adventure "grown" both professionally and personally!

Live the EM Normandy Experience

The EM Normandie Experience is a global vision with a single objective: to give you the means to be an actor in your personal and professional development.

Benefit from innovative and interactive teaching methods - gain international experience - professionalise your skills - get involved in community life.

Experience the international adventure

English-speaking courses - international students and teachers - multiple expatriation opportunities: the Business Schools are resolutely international in outlook.

Evolve in multicultural environments and follow courses 100% in English - expatriate for a semester or a full year on international campuses or in one of our partner universities - immerse yourself in cosmopolitan environments - do your internships abroad...

EM Normandie offers you a wide range of international opportunities and even the possibility of completing your entire course of study there for certain programmes.


Professionalise yourself

Throughout your studies you will put your knowledge into practice - learn to argue and make decisions - and apply what you have learned in a professional context through internships and work-study programmes. Business schools have many partnerships with companies in France and abroad. This proximity to the business world offers you many career opportunities to launch an ambitious career.

At EM Normandie you will benefit from a close relationship with the professional world. Multiply your projects - missions - challenges - internships - work experience in companies. Find your internship or work-study thanks to thousands of offers published each year by the network - many of which are exclusive to EM Normandie Alumni members.

Get involved in the associative life

Develop your skills in the framework of an Associative Project - learn to work in a team while gaining autonomy. Community life is an integral part of the student adventure in business school. It also sets the pace on campus throughout the year with its many events and student initiatives.

Get involved in a project that is close to your heart: student office - humanitarian - environmental - cultural or entrepreneurial project...

At EM Normandie benefit from Associative Projects proposed in various fields: sustainable development - business - arts - sports - humanitarian... and Community Projects proposed in collaboration with its associative partners: UNICEF - SPA - Secours Populaire - Pompiers Volontaires...


Join a generalist course and then specialise at the end of the course

By joining a business school programme after high school you have several years to build your profile - discover yourself - identify the functions or areas of activity that really motivate you. 

From the first year onwards you will be exposed to a wide range of subjects and will develop fundamental knowledge in many areas: marketing - project management - accounting - economics - finance - foreign languages - communication - etc. 

At EM Normandie you can gain international and professional experience - broaden your knowledge through elective subjects and gradually develop your professional project - while being supported by the Career Path throughout your course.

Depending on the field you choose you will have one or two years to specialise in one of the "traditional" sectors of the Management School world (purchasing - auditing - consulting - management - finance - human resources - marketing - etc.) or in one of the proposed sectorial fields (digital - luxury - cultural management - logistics - events - etc.).

Stand out in front of recruiters!

Benefit from tailor-made support to guide your choices

Business schools make it a point of honour to offer you a high quality of service - including a system of individualised support throughout your course. This ability to guide you through all the phases of defining your professional project allows you to build up an attractive profile and ultimately to facilitate your professional integration. 

With the EM Normandie Career Path - a unique support system - you can get to know yourself and draw up a project that suits you according to your skills - competencies - values. Throughout your course: define your personal and professional objectives and gradually refine your profile by increasing your experience.

Take part in workshops and seminars led by the Career Path teams - learn about the sectors of activity and professions - learn how to write an effective CV. Access an online platform that provides you with numerous tutorials - tools - apps and job boards with offers in France and abroad.

Start an ambitious career and grow with the opportunities

Become professionally integrated

A real springboard for launching an ambitious career as a manager or entrepreneur the "Grandes Écoles de Management" make your employability a priority while encouraging your daily development. With programmes designed to meet the needs of recruiters you will leave your school with the assurance of an attractive profile and rapid integration into the job market.

The integration surveys carried out each year on behalf of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) focus on the professional integration of young graduates - notably on the employment rate - the time it takes to find a first job - the satisfaction rate - the sector of activity - the functions occupied - the remuneration - the type of contract...

Join the Alumni network of your school

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Alumni network of your school throughout your professional career by participating in numerous events and being regularly informed of recruitment offers shared by the members of the network.

Join the EM Normandie Alumni network - with thousands of members worldwide - bringing together students and graduates with a membership formula from the 1st year of study and for life. Participate in the professional and festive events of the association: build lasting relationships with your peers and benefit from opportunities in France and abroad (job developments - partnerships - entrepreneurship ...) throughout your professional career.

Study in an exceptional environment

And the icing on the cake by joining a Grande École of Business you benefit from a particularly stimulating living environment during your studies: classrooms fully equipped with new technologies - ultra-modern and friendly living spaces - sports halls - media libraries - cafeterias - chill rooms... Enough to make your student life a fulfilling adventure! 

At EM Normandie you can choose and change campuses according to your desires and the colour you wish to give to your studies. Whether you stay in your home town or go to discover a new region - thrive in the heart of dynamic environments with multiple attractions - take advantage of infrastructures designed for your success and benefit from optimal support to facilitate your integration.