How are school fees used by schools?

Schools with a private for-profit status give all or part of their profits to their shareholders which is not the case for schools with the EESPIG label - such as EM Normandie - which reinvest all of their revenue for the benefit of students.

Investments for the benefit of students are made at many levels.


Serving academic excellence through research and pedagogical innovation 

Funding research and cutting-edge programmes 

Recruiting high-level professor-researchers makes it possible to guarantee programmes of excellence irrigated by research and to ensure cutting-edge training in line with the requirements of recruiters. In addition having professional lecturers who are experts in their field ensures that students are constantly confronted with the reality of the professional world.

In its strategic plan for 2030 EM Normandie plans to strengthen its faculty by recruiting about a hundred teacher-researchers to reach a total of 200 permanent professors.

Investing in educational innovation 

Offering an immersive learning experience - living creative and engaging courses - putting knowledge into practice in real-life situations... these are the means implemented by certain schools to make you actors in your training and offer you an enhanced experience.

EM Normandie has already invested 2 million euros and is confirming its position as a forerunner in SmartEducation. A link between the Faculty and the EdTech department - this project puts innovation and technology at the service of education to put the student at the centre of his or her learning: Serious Games - case studies - simulation tools - field trips - role-playing games - etc.

Offering an exceptional study environment to students 

Facilities designed as living spaces 

As you know business schools strive to offer you an exceptional study environment with campuses designed for your well-being and development. Numerous investments have been made to guarantee you optimal learning conditions: modern architecture - connected classrooms - co-working and rest areas - cafeterias - etc. 

In 2020 the School invested a budget of nearly one million euros to transform its 110 classrooms into Flex Rooms - rooms equipped with the latest educational technologies and which can be adapted to all possible scenarios: face-to-face - distance learning - twinning. 

EM Normandie has also inaugurated:

  • in 2020 its new campus in Le Havre
  • in 2022 its new campus in Paris-Clichy
  • in 2022 its new campus in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • in 2024 its new campus in Boston - USA


In its strategic plan for 2030 EM Normandie plans to have 10 campuses with a total surface area of 40.000 m² of buildings.


Supporting each student individually

One of the primary expectations of business schools is that they provide support throughout the course to help you define your professional project.

When you join EM Normandie you benefit from personalised support with the Career Path: in addition to helping you define your career plan (workshops to discover professions - coaching sessions - preparation for interviews - network development), this unique programme supports you in your development of skills - guides you in your choice of expatriation - internships - and specialisations in order to cultivate the hard and soft skills necessary to stand out from the recruiters.  

EM Normandie's support even goes beyond the academic course. Housing - financing - disability: the Equilibre et Inclusion service is your preferred point of contact for all situations that may affect your well-being and balance. Dedicated teams are at your disposal to help you with your expatriation - professionalisation (internships - work-study programmes - etc.) - community life - housing - financing - etc. and for people with disabilities. 

Develop the professional network of graduates

You will also become part of the Alumni network of your school and benefit from professional opportunities shared by the members of the network - participate in networking events - contribute to the influence of your school throughout the world and build links with the professional world. 

Since your experience at EM Normandie is a lifelong one you join the Alumni Association "for life" and from your first day at the School!

Doing everything possible to guarantee the value of degrees 

Most business schools are constantly investing at all levels to meet international standards and obtain or maintain valuable accreditations such as EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA  which are essential guarantees of excellence on the international scene. 

Numerous criteria are evaluated when awarding these labels: international openness - connections with companies - excellence of the teaching staff - research dynamics - relevance of programmes to the job market - personalised support system - etc.