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carole guettier claire delabre
Carole Guettier & Claire Delabre

Senior Business Development Manager & Marketing and Communication Assistant at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

The international element is part of the School’s DNA!

Carole: I joined the School after a 2-year HEC Preparation Course. I was offered admission in many other schools, but I chose EM Normandie because it had a genuine international opening strategy, and offered in particular the option to take up a third foreign language right from Year 1. I thus decided to take Russian to go for an academic exchange in the country, a new practice in France at the time.
I loved my years in the School. We lived an exhilarating experience and got to strike up very strong friendships. The general background education I benefitted from, allowed me to define my professional project clearly and to be equipped with sound knowledge for my future career. 

Claire: I joined the School in September 2015 after taking a 2-year DUT in Sales Techniques. I then went for the oral interview at the Le Havre Campus, and I had a true crush for the School, its students, the faculty, the campus…I loved everything!
During Year 3, I was the secretary of a humanitarian society, Lama’tittude. Thanks to all our actions, we build a school for 2 months in Peru.


Cooperative programmes and the Réseau, the two drivers of professional insertion

Carole: I took my final year at the School on a cooperative programme basis. This first experience brought me a lot because I served 2 internships in marketing in the computer business, which was in full bloom at the time. I then worked for two years with a Media Relations agency as the assistant to the PR Manager for Europe, in charge of the PC Division for HP (Hewlett-Packard). The agency was staffed with US employees only, so I was immersed in a cross-cultural environment.

I then joined a French press agency where all my colleagues were former journalists. With their help, I learnt how to look deeper into topics and to get to the bottom of things. I developed the Finance and Legal Unit, and I was managing a team of 5 people. After 9 years, I felt the wish to work for one of our advertisers and I left.

A head-hunter got me in touch with one of the biggest firms of lawyers in the world, Linklaters, for a position as Communication Manager. We were on the eve of the 2008 crisis at the time, which rendered this experience very enriching but also somewhat trying for me. Today, I work for Norton Rose Fulbright, one of the Top 10 firms in the world, which employs 7,000 collaborators and is constantly growing. I am in charge of Marketing Business Development for the Paris and Casablanca outfits. I also manage the relationship with Crédit Agricole and Société Générale, which rank among our key clients. Our department is also in charge of the organisation of strategic events to raise customer loyalty.

Working in an organisation of that size is very stimulating but demands a fine knowledge of all staff members’ activities, as well as an unfailing reactivity.

Claire: As for me, I wanted to continue my study path on a cooperative basis as early as the M1 Year. I found an offer reserved for EM Normandie students by Norton Rose Fulbright as Marketing & Communication Assistant, whose job description matched my professional project. I then exchanged with Carole during an interview and I joined the firm on a cooperative contract basis.

On a daily basis, I assist Carole in her internal and external assignments. I work on designing supporting material and on events for our staff members and prospects. I am especially in charge of our student target audience. We recruit a lot of our trainee lawyers during fairs and we must monitor our brand image to remain attractive. I also took part in the organisation of our first alumni evening event, and I manage in parallel our support programmes for charity projects. I enjoy a wide autonomy and I work on all aspects of projects. This is a very formative experience!

Working in an organisation of that size is very stimulating

The Réseau, supporting you till the end of your career

Carole: The Réseau, reflects the School and the continuity of what you have lived during your schooling. It will follow you throughout our careers! In 2014, I wished to be further involved by sitting on the Board of the association. It is very gratifying for me to share my competencies and knowledge! We are all actors in the valorisation of the School and the Réseau ambassadors. We grow together.

Claire: The Réseau is a true springboard! For instance, we had approached alumni who had been members of the same student society, and we succeeded in collecting additional funds. The Réseau brings new opportunities to you. 

The Réseau is a true springboard!

Carole & Claire's advices:

Carole: " By joining the School, you will be equipped with the necessary background to match your ambitions. So, go ahead, valorise your experiences, and believe in yourselves! "

Claire: " You should not hesitate to get involved in the life of the School and the Réseau! Join student societies, take part in events; in short, enjoy to the full what the School has to offer! "


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