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Benoit Findeis
Benoît Findeis

Sales Specialist at Microsoft in Dublin

Could you describe your career path for us?

At EM Normandie, I studied marketing and sales. In 2008, we didn't have as many choices of specialisations as we do today.

After my studies, I started my career in IT start-ups. I worked for companies like Microplan, where I did a VIE.

Then I was called up by Oracle and that's how I came to travel to Ireland. I was then headhunted by Microsoft, where I currently work as an Azure sales specialist in France for major CAC 40 accounts.

What does your current job at Microsoft involve?

I help CAC 40 companies to meet their business and technical challenges using new technologies.

What have you gained from your time at EM Normandie?

The School has given me a lot, particularly in terms of my choice of course.

It helps us to build our career path and to orientate ourselves through professional and international experience. I wasn't particularly interested in business in general when I left secondary school.

When I joined the school, I thought it would open doors for me. In the end, what opened up the most opportunities for me was the School's network.

What stood out for you during your studies?

There was one moment that meant a lot to me. It was as part of the student clubs. A friend and I organised a ski trip.

I really loved the experience and played along. I negotiated like crazy with the various suppliers.

It was at that point that I developed an appetite for business. I found commercial negotiation very interesting.

What's more, everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves during the trip. For me, that's really what the School is all about, the community that exists between students.

What advice would you give to a future EM Normandie student?

If I had one piece of advice to give you, I'd say don't underestimate the student network, and the School in general, and above all keep your friends very close to you.

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