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romain pelle sebastien lebreton
Romain Pellé & Sébastien Lebreton

Olympic Media Clients Services Coordinator & Head Of Sales Marketing at Eurosport

A very warm welcome

Sébastien: I joined the EM Normandie Le Havre Campus straight from my preparatory course. The study path appealed to me and I keep a vivid memory of the way I was welcomed! Despite clichés, Le Havre is a city with a pleasant way of life! I built the basis for my career at EM Normandie and I also met wonderful people there, whether when I was in charge of Rugby at the Sports Bureau or during my study semester on exchange in Montréal: some of them have become my friends for life. 

Romain: Personally, I arrived on the Caen Campus via the Sésame National Admission Test Bank. I had taken admission exams at other schools, but just like Sébastien, it was the welcome that was the decisive factor in my choice! I keep a vivid memory of the moment I walked through the door, amazed at the dynamism shown by the admissions welcoming team. I found that EM Normandie was a school with a human dimension and a family atmosphere, and this opinion was confirmed throughout my study path. I learned a lot thanks to student society activities and experiences abroad. I was lucky to join Hindi Go, a humanitarian association, and also to take a semester on exchange in Portsmouth. The people you meet can play a decisive role in your career options. 

A single watchword: flourish at work!

Make your passion your occupation

Sébastien: After graduating from EM Normandie, I took a DESS (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées) in Marketing at Paris Dauphine University. I was then an intern with L’Equipe, the sports daily before joining Eurosport. My first assignment was to develop and structure the advertising agency side of the website. As this was a new venture for the company, I was able to work in a ‘business start-up’ spirit although in a large group! I then moved to the Marketing Department for TV Advertising where I was lucky to travel extensively. Today, I am in charge of the TV Audience Department and my role is to supply audience analyses. They are a must as a strategic and decision making tool for all departments: Senior Management, Programmes, Advertising, … My work allows me to combine my number crunching talents and my passion for sports. Every day, I read L’Equipe to keep posted on sports events. Some people will think this is a dreamland, and I am lucky that this is my job! As a matter of fact, I had always wanted to work in sports, and this is actually something I share in common with Romain!

Romain: After discussing with a lecturer during my study stay in the UK, I realised I really wanted to head for my passion in life: sports. I then gave myself the means to reach this goal. I used my summer holidays to be a volunteer in tennis tournaments, and I checked the EM Normandie Réseau directory and I contacted Sébastien. Since September 2015, I have worked with him on audience data. It is not merely a matter of collecting data, but also of understanding the reasons for variations in order to define viewer behaviour. What I really like in my job, is to be able to work daily with sports fans. I progress everyday thanks to our collaborators’ individual knowledge. Today, I enjoy much autonomy in my work and I am involved in many internal and external departmental projects to serve a really stimulating environment.

The richness of Réseau EM Normandie: a best kept secret

Sébastien: You should not hesitate to approach alumni who work in those fields you are interested in. As an alumnus, I give special attention to those who have graduated from the same school as me. Romain contacted me right at the time I was seeking a cooperative programme student, and we got on well together right away. For us, it’s a true addedvalue to be able to meet students. 

Romain: I was impressed by the Réseau EM Normandie directory which is a real goldmine for information. You have no idea how rich the alumnus network can be, whereas this can be of a great help to target our professional project.

Romain & Sébastien's advice:

Give yourself the possibility to do what you like doing

Sébastien: You will spend 12 hours a day at work, so make sure you select carefully the environment, the sector and the position you wish to get involved with. You might as well choose an occupation that fulfils you and makes you happy. 

Romain: Just like Sébastien, I encourage everyone to engage in an occupation they like! As far as I am concerned, when I realised I wanted to work in sports, I had this undaunted determination to reach my goal. Once you know what your passion is, be curious and discuss it with professionals and rely on  the Réseau!


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