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clara gorlier
Clara Gorlier

Digital and e-marketing project manager, Sisley

I love to travel and I wanted to have an international experience. I was mainly looking to go to Spain or the US. And then finally, I got picked for Bangkok. I soon found myself in a tower on the 64th floor working on digital in a small startup.

In 2018, I didn't know anyone and I was only 21. It was my first time in Asia. I had a lot of questions at the beginning about whether I had made the right choice. In my company there were people of many nationalities, including interns who took me under their wings. I adapted well to the climate and the new way of life.

Discovering the digital world

This communication agency worked for different companies. I did a bit of everything. I created a Youtube channel for the first time on behalf of a client. I translated websites, did SEO and email campaigns.

It was totally new for me to work in the digital field.

When I look at the progression of digital today, I think I made the right choice! I'm delighted to have chosen this path.

Taking advantage of the gap year

When I returned to France, I wanted to go abroad again. I had learned so much during this experience and wanted to learn more. I chose to do a gap year to deepen my knowledge and discover the world of a large company.

So I applied for several offers. I found the first part of my gap year at Nestlé as an assistant digital editorial project manager for the brand "Croquons la vie". It offers cooking recipes, games, discount coupons...

I was in charge of their website and worked with several communication and digital agencies.

I did everything: SEO, social networks... Every day, I learned new things. I also learned my first basics in HTML because I was working with a developer. For all these reasons, I wanted to continue in the digital field. 

Getting out of your comfort zone

I am a very curious person who loves to learn. I love challenges and new things. As soon as I can learn something new, I am delighted.

In January 2020, I found an internship as an assistant mobile project manager at LVMH for Séphora.

I discovered another part of digital, the migration from an ATG platform to Salesforce for our e-commerce site. I was in charge of three countries: Poland, Spain and Italy. It was totally new as I learned to use tools like Salesforce, Drupal, Jira...

I enjoyed continuing on the digital path because it allowed me to discover another aspect that I didn't know.

Listening to one's instincts

When you get up in the morning and are happy to go to work, that's when you tell yourself that you've found your path.

For me, it's obvious that I want to work in the digital field.

Finding one's place

During my gap year, I was in the Europe department. Then I decided to do my work-study in the France department as an assistant in charge of sales promotion. Again, this is a completely new area. I'm in charge of coordinating the French promotion plan. I set up all the events. I prepare and implement all the promotions. 

That's when I realised that I had found my calling. I love animation because you interact with so many people from various teams.

At Sephora, we were the centre of all the information in a large organisation. There are also a lot of highlights during the year with Mother's Day, Black Friday, Christmas... All these holidays require a lot of organisation and coordination with the teams beforehand. I really enjoy talking to all the teams.

Managing work-study and courses

It wasn't easy to manage the rhythm of school with that of the work-study programme at Séphora. I had a very fast pace in the company, particularly following several departures in my team. At one point, there were only two of us left in charge of sales throughout France. It was not easy at all and at the same time we had to be present for the courses.

I was delighted with the specialisation I had chosen: Digital Strategy and Innovation.

All the subjects were related to digital and therefore to my sector of activity. It was even more interesting to follow the courses because I was evolving in this professional environment. The courses from the first to the fourth year were more general.

Every month I was happy to come back for a week, to see the teachers again and to learn more. Learning in the classroom and learning in the company are two totally different things. What I was learning at school could be used in the workplace. I was happy to be able to bring this knowledge to my teams. 

Finding your first job

When I finished my work-study programme, I didn't want to stay at Séphora. I wanted to see something else after 18 months with the company. I didn't yet know if I wanted to go into consulting or stay on the brand side. I went for various interviews. I had a very good feeling with my manager at Sisley where I currently work. The recruitment process went very quickly and at the end I was told that I was hired.

For me, this job was an obvious choice, I accepted without hesitation!

My experience at Sisley is going very well. Sisley is totally different from the companies I have known. It's a very family business run by the D'Ornano family. The atmosphere is friendly and we are not pressured, unlike Séphora, for example, where we had to achieve a certain turnover.

It's a very healthy company. My integration was very easy. My colleagues were very friendly. My manager really listens to me and I find that very important.

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