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pierre burnel
Pierre Burnel

Web Designer & Art Director at VingtCinq

EM Normandie, a study path to get the right training

I joined EM Normandie in Year U1 via the SESAME National Admission Test Bank. I enjoyed right away the School’s atmosphere and I was surprised at the diversity of profiles among students. I met many people ho helped me grow. I went on exchange for a year in Leeds (UK), then I did an Off-Campus Optional Year with Murmure, a communication agency. I was working in the marketing side and I was also able to train in parallel in graphic design. I graduated with a Master’s in Operational Marketing as a double degree with IAE in Caen (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises), and I served my final year internship at AREVA as Internal Communication Project Manager.

I enjoyed right away the School’s atmosphere and I was surprised at the diversity of profiles among students.

Fast promotions available in SMEs

WhenI left the School, I met Charles Tissier, the President of VingtCinq, a web project agency. Although I started in Sales, my position naturally shifted to being a web designer in charge of the creative unit in the agency. On a daily basis, I design website or mobile phone application solutions and I also look after the agency’s entire communication. For a month now, I also wear the hat of a Chief Happiness Officer. This is an entirely new position that may get people smiling, but its objective is to brush up the organisation’s internal communication. I work in a start-up atmosphere and I feel I get more fulfilment than in a larger company. In a small agency such as VingtCinq, it is easier to see the impact of your work on the organisation. We have succeeded in finding genuine dynamics and we have built a strong positioning in customised websites. Right now, our projects and prospects get me excited.

Keep curious about everything!

The Réseau, a friendly and understanding atmosphere

To be honest, I did not use Réseau EM Normandie when I was a student. I thought this was a bit too conventional. Then once I had left the School, I soon realised this was a way to keep in touch and develop your professional activity. The atmosphere there is like a family and definitely understanding. This a human network!

Pierre's advice:

"EM Normandie undoubtedly give you tools and helps you grow, but it up to each one of sus to look for he or she is interested in. Don’t hesitate to think out of the box, and above all don’t focus too rigidly on ‘occupations’. You should remain curious of what is around you!"


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