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Vincianne Cussot
Vincianne Cussot

Sponsorship communication officer at Initiatives

How did you get into EM Normandie? 

I arrived in 2002 on the Le Havre campus via the French "Passerelle" examination after a 2-year diploma in a university.

What is your best memory at the School?  

Certainly the campaigns for the elections of the associative offices. I was on a list of candidates for the Students' Office. In my opinion, campaigns are a very good pedagogical tool to work on communication, events, finance and sales. It's a fun way to work.

What did EM Normandie bring you in the end? 

Definitely: meetings! You get to know so many different personalities from all walks of life. But beyond that, the school confronts us with the reality of the company, we know the issues and we are operational as soon as we leave the school.

You are now in charge of communications and sponsorship at INITIATIVES. Tell us about your career path. 

First of all, I chose the Marketing and Business Strategy option during m Master. I knew that I wanted to do sports marketing, in order to combine my passion with my work. After my end-of-study internship, I was hired in the marketing agency I was working for. But after 5 years, I didn't really find any meaning in what I was doing. So I applied for an events and marketing position for a humanitarian association, heart surgery sponsorship. I quickly blossomed in this world and I stayed for 3 years. Then I moved closer to my home region, to Le Mans, where I now work for INITIATIVES.  

Can you tell us what your daily tasks are?

I'm in charge of the "boat project", launched in 2008. This is a boat skippered by Tanguy de Lamotte that goes around the world to raise money for a humanitarian cause. Since 2008, more than one hundred children have been operated on thanks to this project. I manage all the events: press conferences, communication operations, etc. I try to raise awareness of the project both externally and within my company. We have to make sure that everyone is aware of the project. Finally, I also have the role of community manager, and have to manage the company's social networks on a daily basis.

Would you have any good advice for students who want to embark on a career similar to yours? 

When you leave school, you are full of ambitions and that's fine! However, you must not forget to be true to yourself and do what you want to do. You should always make sure that you are fulfilled in your work.

What does the EM Normandie Network mean to you?

For me, the Network is a real way of getting together, meeting people and finding common ground.


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