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Juliette Durand-Hirtzmann
Juliette Durand-Hirtzmann

Manager of co-working spaces at Morning

What has been your career path?

I work for Morning, a company that runs coworking spaces in Paris.

After my studies, I spent a long time as a coworking space manager. This involves making sure that people have a good day's work at the office. We welcome all kinds of companies to our coworking spaces.

My role has evolved, and now I'm more responsible for the customer experience in all these spaces. Our agency has around forty coworking spaces in Paris.

What did the School give you during your studies?

What I remember most is the openness to others. You're lucky to meet so many people along the way.

EM Normandie is the School of Life.

This learning goes way beyond the subjects we are taught, which gives us so much. The experience at EM Normandie gives us a lot of soft skills, like learning how to talk to people and reach out to others.

What advice would you give our students?

Make the most of it because it's a great experience to be able to travel and meet people.

You can do whatever you want because these are the best years of your life.

Have fun, be serious, but above all have fun!

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