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Anaëlle Thomas
Anaëlle Thomas

E-store project manager at Clarins

The digital world is constantly evolving. There's always a lot of news to keep up with and you have to be very flexible.

It's a sector where nothing is fixed in time. That's what attracted me to digital: everything is constantly changing. There's no routine to the day-to-day tasks.

Through my experiences and internships, I've learnt to identify my affinities with the different digital sectors. It encompasses a huge range of professions.
I've been in my current job for three years now. I'm really passionate about the e-commerce sector.

The power of LinkedIn

I did a work-study track at Sephora before graduating. Then, like most young graduates, I started looking for a permanent job.
That was at the end of 2019, just before Covid-19. I was lucky to start my search then.

When I left business school, I wanted to get a permanent contract and be well paid. So I ended up on an 8-month fixed-term contract with Clarins, which was then extended by 4 months before I was recruited.

I found this job on Linkedin, like all my other work experience. I didn't know anyone in this sector and I'd never been 'headhunted' to find a job.

It was thanks to LinkedIn that I was able to find a job offer, attend interviews and join Clarins.

Exploring the world of cosmetics

During my studies, I wasn't particularly attracted to the cosmetics or luxury sectors. As I'm a very open-minded person, I don't want to miss out on any opportunities.

I prefer to think that anything could potentially interest me rather than limiting myself to one business sector. I've applied this philosophy to all my internships, which has enabled me to work in the worlds of finance and perfume.

It was this internship at Cartier Parfum that opened the door to the cosmetics sector for me. It was a turning point in my professional life.

My manager was really great and I still have contact with her today. I owe her a lot, both personally and professionally.
This internship in the cosmetics industry enabled me to get my Work-study track at Sephora and then to join Clarins.

I wasn't predestined to work in the cosmetics sector, but now I know that I want to stay in it for at least another 5 years. I really enjoy working with products that speak to you.

Daily life at Clarins

I've been E-store project manager at Clarins for 2 and a half years. I manage the websites of several subsidiaries in the Europe region.

My job is to generate sales on e-commerce sites. This means managing sales promotion, merchandising and product launches.

I'm lucky enough to work in an international environment. I'm in constant contact with the subsidiaries in the different countries I manage.
I find it extremely interesting to work with markets that don't all have the same local and cultural constraints. You have to be able to adapt as best you can to the needs of customers in each of these zones.

It's very valuable for me to get feedback from each country. This enables me to adapt my marketing campaigns.

The international call

After my studies, I decided to do a VIE for a long time. I was very attracted by the international scene.
During my 5 years at EM Normandie Business School, I was lucky enough to go on two expatriations to fairly far-flung destinations.

These experiences are very enriching on a personal level, especially when you leave at a young age. So after I graduated, I wanted to repeat the experience.

I finally found a job in France and I'm not unhappy about that. The question of moving abroad again may come up in a few years' time.

For the time being, I love my current life, my job and my teams. For me, it's essential to feel good about your work.

You shouldn't drag your feet. You need to feel at ease and find a company that's a good place to live and work.

I'm lucky to be at Clarins because it's a company that's very concerned about the well-being of its employees. I feel very good here today. I don't see myself changing companies any time soon.

Follow your instincts

When you're a student, the first thing to remember is to trust yourself and follow your instincts.

When you're interested in a subject, you really have to go for it and not try to restrict yourself. 5 years ago, I'd never even heard of my current profession.

I was already well advanced in my studies. But nobody had told me that this type of job existed.

When you follow your instincts, you're rarely wrong and that often leads to fulfilling careers. I'd advise you to take a look at what's happening in the world of work, because when you're still at school, you're pampered.

It's a bit of a world apart, with classes, friends and teachers, even if you're thinking about what's next. You need to have an eye on the business world to see the different professions that exist.

The career possibilities are endless. You don't have to wait for someone to come and present them to you. Every year there are lots of new jobs emerging in the digital sector, and we need to go and explore them for ourselves.

We need to keep an eye out for new developments and opportunities.

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