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26 March 2024

Teaching Innovation: EM Normandie Business School explores the fun side of geopolitics using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Initial Education

EM Normandie students are finding out that geopolitics is more accessible when it is taught differently. Indeed, given its multidisciplinary nature and the quantity of variables and data taken from other fields including economics, geography, geology and history, geopolitics may appear daunting as a discipline. However, LEGO® bricks allow the user to visualize these different datasets and variables and to see how they are connected. Students can therefore more easily understand complex geopolitical systems, and thanks to the playful aspect of this method they can also enjoy the fun side of the learning process.

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method helps to develop students' ability to produce relevant and original analyses of particularly complex subjects and, above all, helps give them confidence in the skills they have gained. It elicits a surprisingly high level of attention and concentration given its emphasis on fun, in a relaxed environment. Indeed, students learn a lot very quickly, but without feeling like they're in class!

David Moroz, Associate Professor of Economics and Head of Research Development. 

David Moroz’s geopolitics course is built around three key steps: 

  1. Familiarise students with the basic terminology specific to the discipline, 
  2. Research information on specific geopolitical issues,  
  3. Use LEGO® bricks to build 3D geopolitical systems and observe their development.  

The various data collected are then pooled, to promote cooperation between teams.   
The method can only be used by Association of Master Trainers Certified Facilitators in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method.  
David Moroz has been an EM Normandie staff Certified Facilitator since February 2022. He is now joined by two other teacher-researchers, Vincent Meyer and Muriel Durand from the HR and Organisation Department. They plan to extend this new educational practice to other courses and audiences in Executive Education to extend access to new skills, with a focus on management, human resources management and intercultural management. 


david moroz


Professeur Associé en Economie