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26 March 2024

Amazon offers a challenge to EM Normandie Business School students with certification at stake

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EM Normandie Business School and its M2/MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development programme have been chosen by Amazon to launch its "Amazon Account Manager" challenge in France. This is a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the company, understand its philosophy and workings and contribute to its development. At the end of a 6-week assignment in teams, they will be able to obtain Amazon certification and add a wealth of experience to their CVs.

Learning by doing", the central pedagogical approach of the M2 / MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development

The M2/MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development programme at EM Normandie Business School, led by Yonathan S. Roten, Academic Director of the programme, is based on an active teaching approach, Learning by Doing. Throughout the year, students are divided into teams of 4 to work on real-life situations. They gain experience in marketing strategy through consultancy assignments in companies, in sales development by taking part in the DCF (Dirigeants Commerciaux de France) challenge and in operational sales experience in the field with Amazon.

The Amazon Challenge

After Bocconi University in Italy, Amazon has chosen EM Normandie Business School in France to offer students a unique challenge and the opportunity to discover the inner workings of a major company. Working in groups of 4 for 6 weeks, the students will discover the role of account managers at Amazon Marketplace (prospecting, canvassing and innovation). Introduced and trained in the specific features, philosophy and techniques of Amazon, they learn the techniques of prospecting and canvassing to recruit new sellers on the marketplace alongside Amazon mentors (Account Managers from the BtoB and BtoC teams). At the end of the Challenge, depending on their results and commitment, they can receive an Amazon certificate. 

This challenge at Amazon was a very good experience for me. The Account Managers really coached us well and shared their sales techniques with us. It was very challenging and we even exceeded our objectives by generating more leads than expected. This certificate is a way of showcasing this experience and an additional asset for my employability.

explains Julian Barbotin, M2 Marketing Strategy and Business Development at EM Normandie Business School.

We are delighted to be organising this Challenge with EM Normandie Business School. The students far exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and our teams were buoyed by this great energy. We met some very good people who we hope will join us at the end of their studies. We look forward to the next assignment.

says Alix Schuletzki, New Account Manager - Merchant Services Amazon Services Europe.


A highly professionalising training programme

Students on the M2/MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development are passionate about marketing and business. The training programme, most of which is taught by professionals from the sector, is designed to be highly professionalisation, with in-company challenges, an internship and operational courses in French and English to ensure that they are effective in the workplace.
By the end of their training programme, students have mastered the techniques needed to increase a company's visibility and customer base in an age of new technologies and emerging communication channels. They then move on to positions of responsibility in digital marketing or sales in sectors such as industry, departments, the automotive industry or mass retailing.

Yonathan Silvain ROTEN

Yonathan Silvain ROTEN

Assistant professor in Marketing

Le Havre