What are my rights and duties as a work-study employee?

Under a work-linked contract you are an employee of the company on a fixed-term contract (or even a permanent contract). You therefore have the same rights and duties as any other employee of the company.


This means that you benefit from the same rules as any other employee of the company regarding holidays and access to the various existing benefits (meal vouchers - transport cards - CE - RTT - etc.).


You also have the same obligations such as punctuality - respect for the rules - and attendance - especially when you are in class at EM Normandie. You would not dream of being absent or late to work the same must be done at EM Normandie.

Even when you are in class - you are an employee - so it is not allowed to be late or absent from class unless you are off work and have an official work permit from your doctor or the agreement of your tutor.