Ward : the gateway to your student experience

Become more than ever a player in your career with this collaborative platform, which is unprecedented in the world of Business Schools. 

WARD is the brand new collaborative platform, available everywhere, all the time, for everything!   

Based on artificial intelligence, WARD will accompany you throughout your academic, international, professional and associative career. 

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Meet the members of the network
Meet the members of the network
Ask the Chatbot your questions
Ask the Chatbot your questions
Read the news
Read the news

Be aware of your progress at each step of your career path

Coming soon: thanks to artificial intelligence, you get a clear view of your skills development in real-time. Evaluate your hard and soft skills in real time by consulting the progress gauges which show you the knowledge and skills you have acquired as you go along.

The ultimate goal of a training course is employability. Ward is full of professional opportunities, with thousands of internships, work-study and job offers shared by the network (members and companies). Multiply your experiences during your studies and successfully enter the professional world.  

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Build a career path that reflects you

When it comes to choosing your expatriations, your internships, your subjects, your community projects... nothing should be left to chance. Ward is a global digital solution that accompanies you individually throughout your academic, professional, international and associative career.  

A personalised suggestion engine guides you in your choice of orientation and professional experience. The application combines all the data from the School's information system: academic results, behavioural preferences, interests, etc., to suggest experiences adapted to your profile and to offer you a path to optimum personal and professional development.    

You can thus progress more quickly and achieve the objectives you set yourself as you go along. 

Meet the members of the network

Ward is the meeting point for the entire EM Normandie community. Rely on a network of 26,000 members, students and graduates, who will help you advance in your career and share their experiences with you. 

Thanks to the personalised profiles which highlight the detailed career paths of each member: internships, work experience, associations, expatriation, options... take advantage of the feedback from members to make the right choices. Expand your network by meeting members of the community with whom you share similarities.  

Simplify your daily life

Use all the features offered to manage your courses, your social life and your professional appointments. The platform gives you one-click access to your timetable, school results, note taking, online courses, etc. You can also access events and news from the school and the network.   

The EM Normandie teams also make it easy to answer your questions. Numerous features allow you to get in touch: chatbot, instant messaging and online appointment scheduling.